The Rise of the IoT Era

The Rise of the IoT Era
Jan 25, 2018

Technology is continuing to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace which is the delivery of Hyperconnectivity becoming a reality. Always connected anywhere at broadband speeds. V5 helps this process by enabling intelligent communications and analytic processing to be extended into areas and locations that were not economically practical or viable before. Business and government are undergoing a “Digitization” process where processes and capabilities are being upgraded and transformed to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) era that is underway. V5 provides the ability to deploy a self contained and self-powered platform anywhere that can gather data in any form, run applications that process and analyze that data in meaningful way, store and communicate that information through a variety of pathways like never before. We enable the IoT promise of Hyperconnectivity with intelligence anywhere that is transforming the world we live in.


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