Industrial IoT is more than a
technology buzzword.

It is changing the very definition of computing and the exchange of usable information. With the Industrial IoT network, devices and objects of all shapes and sizes can consistently and accurately communicate directly with one another.

This enables companies to gain more efficiency and perform critical analysis through the deployment of sensors and the aggregation of data they produce. Computing vast amounts of data rapidly to render conclusive solutions will require three essential pieces: power, edge computing and communications.

V5 Systems

We have perfected an innovative technology platform for outdoor environments by creating our own, intelligent power, computing, and communications system. The foundation of this platform consists of bullet-resistant V5 solar panels and a proprietary battery and power management system. Utilizing edge computing, we can collect, analyze and relay sensor data to send actionable alerts in real-time completely wirelessly, and at the edge.

V5 Systems has built turnkey, outdoor security solutions on this platform through physical security sensors and the development of software-driven sensors that are trainable through Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithms.

More than just security solutions, our technology features a modular design with an open but controlled, architecture that serves as an outdoor IIoT platform for third-party software and hardware integration. Not only do our wireless security sensors solutions reside on this platform, but validated third-party software and hardware can now be integrated as well. This is a truly innovative technology bringing Industrial IoT applications to life quickly. Our platform:

  • Makes deployment easy. Take your company to the forefront of innovation. Businesses can deploy and start using any V5 Systems product in under 30 minutes. No trenching. No kidding.
  • Thinks for you. Detect and track objects and object behaviors. V5 Systems utilizes optimized Neural Network (Deep Learning) algorithms to run on the edge, and in the Cloud.
  • Customizes to your needs. Be the boss. Imagine a flexible platform to collect, analyze and relay the information that matters to you, in real-time for actionable tasks.


Implementing Industrial IoT applications requires several components and present a multitude of challenges. Today, systems integrators try to solve for this by taking off-the-shelf components and haphazardly assembling the pieces together. This process is time-consuming, costly and difficult to scale. Before collecting all that sensor data, every application must include computing, storage, power, and communications, creating complexity and cost. Stop wasting precious time and start executing immediately with V5 Systems’ turnkey platform.

  • Separate puzzle pieces representing components of outdoor security for the industrial IoT Puzzle pieces representing components of outdoor security for the industrial IoT put together by V5 Systems technology


  • Diagram showing stack of components V5 Systems brings to portable outdoor security for the industrial IoT

    V5 Systems


Below is a breakdown of all the different layers within V5 Systems technology, which creates a complete Industrial IoT stack. Within these layers, third parties can easily integrate their own validated software applications, sensors, storage, communications, and computing.

Multi-part diagram showing usual steps for setting up outdoor security, including costly and time-consuming permitting, trenching, cabling, and setup


Traditionally, there are multiple, prolonged steps to executing outdoor IIoT and security applications – permitting, trenching, cabling and deployment. This process can take weeks to months, sometimes even years, to complete. Quickly deliver the solution for your next project with V5 Systems. How quickly? Under-30-minutes quick per unit!


Traditional Solution

Simple one piece diagram showing setup for V5 Systems portable outdoor security solution in just 30-60 minutes.

Weeks to Months to Years




30 – 60 Minutes


Chart showing cost comparison of traditional security system and V5 Security System, showing enormous savings with V5 Systems technology

Diagram showing how V5 Systems provides investment protection with a technological foundation that can be built on.

Investment Protection

V5 Systems has developed a foundation that IIoT solutions will continue to be built upon. This platform will not only expand with V5 Systems’ ongoing software development enhancing edge intelligence, (this includes Artificial Intelligence, acoustic and chemical detection), but our partners will continue to expand their own networks, building applications far greater than what we can imagine today. This is just the beginning. Think big. Now think bigger.


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