Keep the Clashes on the FIELD,

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Outdoor Event Security creates a Family-friendly Outing

“With V5 Systems units’ real-time monitoring, we’ll have visibility where needed. And because it’s a cloud-based system, it allows for collaborative security.”

– Damion Ellis, Director of Safety and Security for the Moscone Center, San Francisco

Sports arenas and stadiums are like small cities. In addition to the seating, retail, concessions and restaurants, there are ATMs for patrons, first aid stations, conference rooms, parking garages and parking lots. With multiple entry points, security is a challenge for venue personnel and law enforcement. The need for surveillance coverage, especially acoustic gunshot detection to respond during active shooter events, is acute, but difficult to achieve quickly.

Temporary outdoor sporting events in particular require added situational awareness to protect the public and resolve problems in real-time.

V5 Systems’ security platform enables you to:

  • Gain additional situational awareness by adding temporary event surveillance rapidly without the hassle and delay of trenching and permitting for power or connectivity

  • Perform crowd control and mitigate incidents via Artificial Intelligence-driven, real-time alerts to mobile devices

No Wires, No Hassle for Rapid
Portable Deployment

You Need An Expandable Solution

The V5 Systems Way

Quickly deployable with no interruption to stadium or event activities or IT infrastructure

Fast, deploys in under 30 minutes per unit

Easy-to-expand video surveillance and gunshot detection coverage for events and temporary structures

Turnkey devices weighing less than 25 pounds with rugged onboard solar and battery management system

Mobile access to real-time alerts for rapid response

Analytics on the edge (on the device itself) generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

end-to-end functionality

  • High-resolution video surveillance

  • Actionable video analytics

  • Accurate gunshot detection

  • Continuous bullet-resistant power

  • Onboard intelligence, storage and wireless communications


Riot at stadium prompts university to install rapidly deployable, self-powered security solution

  • Organization:

    • Saturday night football is popular in the Bay Area, and a local university stadium is often packed with attendees. The event area, including its parking lots, is not covered by video surveillance because of issues with access to power and communications.

  • Challenge:

    • A large group of people in the overflow parking lot started to riot. When campus police attempted to intervene, the crowd refused to leave and began throwing rocks and bottles at the officers. The situation was dangerous for the officers, bystanders and rioters, but the police didn’t have the situational awareness necessary to control the crowd.

  • Solution:

    • OnSight Video Surveillance Units were positioned at the college stadium strategically to detect problems and identify suspects. When fully configured, each unit is packaged in a compact, lightweight enclosure weighing just 25 pounds, allowing for easy and rapid event management.

  • Results:

    • Following the deployment, there were no more unruly incidents in the parking area during the remainder of the football season or to-date. The units have also assisted in the prevention of many crimes, including assault and battery, sexual assault, arson and bike theft.

Instant Cost Savings

Situational Awareness Coverage per square mile


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