The average active shooter event lasts just five minutes;
60% of the events end before the police arrive.

The ability to make split-second decisions, armed with real-time information, can be the difference between life and death.

Multi-sensor Platform Purposefully Designed for Intelligent, Rapid Response

V5 Systems delivers accurate, real-time acoustic alerts combined with real-time video surveillance and license plate reading technology to empower law enforcement and first responders with powerful, cutting-edge technological tools when time is of the essence.

Acoustic Sensor

Gunshot Detection

Video Sensor

Detect Objects of

Capture License
Plate Information

Rapid, Powerful
Decision Making

Acoustic Sensor

  • Accurate

    Up to 90% accuracy, eliminating the high cost of dispatching manpower for false alerts

  • Quick

    Sends real-time acoustic alert information in seconds to any smart device for rapid response

  • Intelligent

    Optimized Artificial Intelligence enables the sensor to both detect and localize the source of gunfire without relying on a human-specified model or set of heuristics.

Video Sensor

  • Real-time rich information

    If the offender is caught on camera, a video alert or live video will be sent to aid in a quick capture.

    Be able to verify individuals who are not involved and spend less time chasing false leads

    Gain evidentiary footage after incident occurs for timely investigations

  • Proactive analytics

    Be able to setup video analytics to detect objects of interest in defined areas to proactively combat gun violence

  • License plate capture

    Be able to capture license plate information of vehicles associated with gunshot crimes, accelerating investigations

Record-Breaking Deployment
Time – Under 30 Minutes Per Unit

Save time and money with a self-powered platform that eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly trenching.

This enables you to quickly deploy solutions in hotspots whether fixed power and communications are available or not and relocate them as your needs change.

Act fast – deployments and re-deployments in under 30 minutes per unit.


Turnkey solutions for quick and easy deployments and optimized artificial intelligence running at the edge (on the device itself) give you real-time alerts and information.

  • Deploy technology in under 30
    minutes per unit

  • Software collects and analyzes
    gunfire sounds on the device
    itself within milliseconds

  • Information is validated through AI
    and sent to user within seconds

Self-powered: Powered by durable bullet-resistant solar panels, V5 Systems battery banks and proprietary power management system

Intelligent: Self-learning Artificial Intelligence running at the edge (on the unit itself) to detect gunshots and objects of interest (human and vehicles) in defined zones

Storage: 1TB of storage on the device itself which enables storage of up to 30 days of High Definition (HD) 24/7 video and 200GB of cloud storage which enables up to 30 days of Standard Definition video. Additional Cloud storage can be added.

User interface: Web-based user interface and app (Android and iOS).

Wireless Communications: Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite or radio frequency

To have gunshot detection and video all under one umbrella, something that can be easily relocated for special events is amazing. Really, why wouldn’t we want it?

– Captain Alan Cavallo, San Jose State University Police Department

Solutions For Rapid Response To Gun Violence

platform to fit your needs.

Tell us your outdoor security needs and discover how a portable security system designed for your location can be set up in under 30 minutes per unit.