Velociti and V5 Systems Announce Partnership

V5 Systems partners with Velociti to provide complete implementation and management services for its IOT Security solution platforms.

Riverside, Mo./Fremont, CA – November 17, 2015 – Velociti Inc., a global provider of technology deployment managed services, and V5 Systems, makers of an outdoor security solution and platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IOT), today announced a partnership that will provide Velociti’s comprehensive deployment and management expertise to V5 System Customers.

“We have created a robust and unique product that is a completely self-contained IOT Security Solution,” said Steve Yung, Chairman and CEO of V5 Systems. “With Velociti, we are also able to provide the site survey, installation and monitoring for a truly all-encompassing solution, start to finish. That is something no one else can offer and we are incredibly excited that we can provide that level of support for our customers.”

V5 Systems recently unveiled two new systems at Dell World in October. They feature solar panels for self-powered operation; up to three days of battery life with V5’s proprietary battery, 4G LTE and Wifi Connectivity and GPS, temperature, and seismic (shock) sensors. Additional features include a chemical sensor that can detect noxious gases and other chemical agents. Acoustic sensors, which will be able to detect gunshots as well as more minimal sound frequencies, are planned for 2016.

“The technology they offer is extremely innovative,” said Jim West, Vice President of Velociti’s Facilities Division. “The value these devices can provide law-enforcement, public venues, educational and government facilities in terms of safety and crime-prevention is unparalleled and Velociti’s experience, working with these sectors and ensuring they are implemented accurately and effectively is something we take great pride in.”

Connected devices and the IOT are the future of public safety. Developing smarter technology, ensuring it’s installed correctly and maintaining the health of these systems are all critical pieces to the puzzle. The intelligence data provided by todays web of connected devices not only allows us to react smarter and faster, it could eventually become predictive, changing the face of security as we know it.

The term “big data” is a hot topic right now… How much is too much? What do we do with it? How do we analyze it? The answer to those questions is the devices themselves. Connected devices are designed to capture, analyze, and even interpret that data when connected properly. V5 Systems and Velociti understand the importance of that interconnected relationship and are excited to partner for the future of security and IOT.


California-based V5 Systems was founded in 2013 and operates out of Fremont CA. Its founders were intent on delivering a security solution that could be deployed in any outdoor environment without the limitations that currently exist around connectivity and the ability to tap into fixed power (trenching, permits, time). V5 Systems is a manufacturer of self-powered, portable computing and communications systems for outdoor Intelligent Security and IoT industrial control and data collection applications. V5 Systems innovative portable security and IoT solutions contain our patented power system, processors, storage, wireless communications and sensors in a Linux operating environment delivering a rapidly deployed, self-powered, intelligent edge computing system. For more information visit WWW.V5SYSTEMS.US.


Velociti is a global provider of technology deployment services, specializing in the installation & service of a broad range of transportation and networking technology products. Velociti’s experience allows enterprise level technology consumers to maximize ROI as a result of leveraging expert, rapid deployment. Velociti clients include many Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of market segments including transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food service and public venues. For more information visit WWW.VELOCITI.COM or call toll free (855)-233-7210.

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