V5 Systems to Launch Product at ISC West that Perpetually Powers Surveillance Cameras in the Outdoors

FREMONT, Calif., April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — V5 Systems, an industry leader in wireless portable security for the outdoors, will launch its new V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP) tomorrow (April 5) at the ISC West Trade Show. The V5 CAP is an ongoing power source, using proprietary solar technology, that can be used to power any 3rd party surveillance camera while eliminating dependence on the electrical grid. As a result, it turns traditional surveillance cameras into self-powered devices that can be rapidly deployed in any outdoor environment to provide security wherever people gather, such as downtowns, campuses and concerts.

V5 CAP and Axis Communications camera in giveaway at ISC West 2017

“Our V5 CAP is an innovative platform that expands our ability to reach new markets and new customers through a partner-centric business model in which we provide all of the benefits of our V5 Systems technology to our partners in the HD video camera industry, so that they can expand their security offerings to the outdoors,” the president of V5 Systems, Mazin Bedwan, stated. “Working with our partners, our mission is to enhance the security and quality of life in all outdoor environments, such as schools, sporting venues, enterprise campuses and downtown areas, making them safer and more secure.”

V5 Systems will launch the V5 CAP at its own booth at the ISC West trade show, as well as showcase its technology with Axis Communications, a worldwide leader in network video, with which V5 Systems recently formed a partnership. If attendees don’t get a chance to stop by and see the platform at the V5 Systems or Axis booths, they are encouraged to stop by the SIA New Product Showcase.

During the show, V5 Systems and Axis will conduct a giveaway of a V5 CAP unit with an advanced Axis camera (P3365-VE), a total a value of $7,500. People can enter to win by going to the V5 booth or the Axis booth and having their badge scanned.

The V5 CAP and Axis camera combo can quickly provide outdoor security and cover blind spots, keeping people safe in a multitude of ways, such as:

Securing areas where crime takes place
Locating roaming active shooters in public spaces
Securing public gatherings on campuses
Keeping crowds safe at outdoor concerts
Monitoring vehicle license plates in ingress/egress areas
Tracking vehicle speed
Protecting temporary outdoor events
Securing marathons
Planned/unplanned student protests
Art festivals
Outdoor job fairs
And preventing rampant graffiti
V5 Systems will also speak at the Axis booth on Wednesday, April 5th, at 3 PM, about its technology and the benefits the V5 CAP platform and Axis cameras bring to outdoor security. The topic of the talk is, “How to Turn Any Axis Camera into a Self-Powered Wireless Surveillance Solution.”

Here are additional highlights of the V5 CAP:

It’s a perpetual power platform weighing less than 25 pounds, making it the smallest of its kind.
It can be integrated with virtually any existing camera, enabling it to monitor any outdoor area 24/7.
Since the V5 units do not need to be wired to a power grid, they eliminate the need for trenching, reducing costs and saving implementation time.
The platform can be rapidly deployed. Installation and configuration take less than 30 minutes.
Once inside the show, attendees are also encouraged to visit the V5 Systems booth (#32087) and the Axis Communications booth (#14051) to learn more about how their partnership enables significant improvements in outdoor security, including eliminating dangerous blind spots, which can otherwise be too costly to secure due to the trenching required for wiring traditional security solutions to the grid.

To learn more, watch this 2-minute video, “Be Groundbreaking…Without Breaking Ground” (https://youtu.be/ZilhaMPW-rg). You can also follow V5 Systems on social media and find out the winner of the giveaway: Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

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