V5 Systems’ Camera Adaptive Platform Transforms Pelco Sarix™ Professional IP Surveillance Cameras into Portable, Wireless, Self-Powered Devices

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — V5 Systems, an industry leader in self-powered outdoor security and computing solutions, has been selected by Pelco, by Schneider ElectricTM, for integration with its V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP). The integration will enable Pelco to expand the capabilities of its world-class Sarix™ Professional IP Surveillance Cameras to the outdoor security market in areas without fixed power and communications. As a result, public safety can be improved in any outdoor area, even remote zones or blind spots.

V5 CAP Integration with Pelco’s Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras

Pelco is a global leader in professional video surveillance and security system solutions and technologies, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of VMS and imaging products. The company’s Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras provide the perfect balance of performance and value, with exceptional resolution and Smart Compression to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

The V5 CAP is an ongoing power, computing and communications platform for 3rd party surveillance cameras. The V5 CAP features:

Ongoing power via a combination of proprietary bullet-resistant solar technology and a battery management system
Computing platform enabling easy integration of 3rd party cameras
Up to 1TB of onboard video storage with the ability to transfer data to the cloud or back-server
Wireless communications via Wi-Fi, cellular or RF
With Pelco’s Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras integrated on the V5 CAP, the cameras have been transformed into self-powered devices that can be rapidly deployed in virtually any outdoor environment. The solution further documents V5 Systems’ leadership in bringing video surveillance to the outdoors where there is no ready access to fixed power. The innovative solution can benefit any organization in need of outdoor security, including school campuses, law enforcement, as well as those in the oil and gas, city surveillance and transportation markets.

Validating the Pelco Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras on V5 Systems platform is the first step of this collaboration. Several more Pelco integrations, including software integrations, are slated to launch in 2018.

“Our V5 CAP is an innovative platform, which is proving enormously popular as a platform for 3rd party applications. It enables Pelco surveillance cameras to expand its market for HD video surveillance to the outdoors. The integration with Pelco Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras is part of our partner-centric business model, which enables us to bring the benefits of our V5 Systems technology to our partners in the HD video camera industry,” the president of V5 Systems, Mazin Bedwan, stated. “These partnerships support our mission to enhance public safety and the quality of life in all outdoor areas.”

John Roman, Pelco Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts and Sales Support, commented, “We welcome the integration of our Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras with the V5 Camera Adaptive Platform as it further expands our ability to deliver market-specific solutions in core vertical markets. Now campuses, cities, airports and seaports, oil and gas facilities and municipalities can implement the proven performance and value our Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras in outdoor locations where connection to an electrical grid is not available.”

The V5 CAP and Pelco Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Cameras combo can be deployed in under 30 minutes, providing security in areas once deemed impossible due to the lack of power and connectivity.

The V5 CAP and Pelco Sarix Professional IP Surveillance Camera solution will be showcased at the ASIS 2017 Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, September 25th-28th, in V5 Systems booth #4290. ASIS International is the premier event for security professionals worldwide.

During the ASIS event, V5 Systems will be presented with three of Security Today magazine’s New Product of the Year Awards. The award program, now in its ninth successful year, honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.

V5 Systems won Security Today’s new-product awards in all three categories it entered: V5 Portable Edge Computing Unit (PECU-Dell) won the Internet of Things category, and V5 Systems Portable Security Unit with Analytics and Cellular (V5 PSU-AC) is a winner in both the Outdoor Perimeter Protection and the Video Surveillance Hardware & Accessories categories.

Once inside the event, attendees are encouraged to visit the V5 Systems booth (# 4290) and the Pelco booth (#2309) to learn more about how this solution enables significant improvements in outdoor security.

To learn more about the V5 CAP, watch this 2-minute video, “Be Groundbreaking…Without Breaking Ground”

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