V5 Systems and Axis Communications announce partnership

FREMONT, Calif., March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — V5 Systems, an industry leader in wireless portable security units, has formed a partnership with Axis Communications, the market leader in networked video surveillance, to create a self-powered solution that can protect people in the outdoors.Rapidly deploy in under 30 minutes without costly disruption of trenching.V5 Systems transforms Axis security cameras into self-powered devices that protect people in the outdoors.
V5 Systems, located in Fremont, CA, has developed a solar-powered security platform that is designed for 3rd-party camera integration. Called the V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP), it provides an ideal portable platform for Axis surveillance cameras. It can transform virtually any Axis camera into a unit for outdoor surveillance that is not tied to the electrical grid.

Rapidly deploy in under 30 minutes without costly disruption of trenching.

“It is our mission to continue to make outdoor environments safer, such as schools, sporting venues, campuses and downtown areas,” stated Mazin Bedwan, President of V5 Systems. “Working with Axis allows both of our teams to enhance the security and quality of life in all the areas in which our joint solution will be deployed.”

Axis, which is based in Sweden, invented the world’s first network camera in 1996. Since then, the company has been leading the way in video surveillance, providing security for millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the critical need for a smarter, safer world. In addition to network security cameras, the company makes video encoders, accessories and application software.

“We are excited about our newly formed partnership with V5 Systems,” said Vince Ricco, Business Development Manager, TPP, Axis Communications, Inc. “We’re looking forward to collaborating to extend the reach and capability of outdoor surveillance.”

V5 Systems transforms Axis security cameras into self-powered devices that protect people in the outdoors.

The V5 CAP brings security to wherever people gather outdoors, even in areas where there is no nearby connection to the electrical grid. It also brings security to areas like school campuses, city parks and large parking lots that have existing security infrastructure but have blind spots and other vulnerabilities.

Recent trending conversations about Safe Cities have highlighted the importance of providing security in specific areas like campuses. The V5 CAP paired with Axis cameras can now provide a safer environment for students and teachers, without the costly disruption of trenching to wire the system to the grid.

Here are more highlights of the V5 CAP:

It’s a perpetual power platform weighing less than 25 pounds, making it the smallest of its kind.
It can be integrated with virtually any existing camera, enabling it to monitor any outdoor area 24/7.
Since the V5 units do not need to be wired to a power grid, they eliminate the need for trenching, reducing costs and saving implementation time.
The units can be used to enhance existing security infrastructure or as a standalone security device that can be moved freely in outdoor environments.
Communications from the platform are in real time via Wi-Fi or cellular to any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
The platform can be rapidly deployed. Installation and configuration take less than 30 minutes.
To learn more, watch this 2-minute video, “Be Ground Breaking…Without Breaking Ground” (https://youtu.be/ZilhaMPW-rg).

Mazin Bedwan continued, “At V5 Systems, we are eager to launch our new V5 CAP ongoing power source with our partners at Axis Communications. Combining our technologies into a single product offering now makes it possible to deploy sophisticated security solutions in any outdoor environment worldwide.”

As part of the new partnership, V5 Systems exhibited the V5 CAP at the Axis Sales Kickoff Event in January 2017, in Iberostar, Cancun. In attendance were over 3,000 employees and partners of Axis and employees of V5 Systems. V5 Systems will also be exhibiting with Axis at ISC West security industry trade show in April 2017 (http://www.iscwest.com/).

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