V5 Systems Showcases Market-Ready IoT Technology at Intel Partner Connect 2018

The event is intended to recognize Platinum and Regional Partners in the Intel Technology Provider Program, with this year’s focus on innovative contributions to the Industrial IoT (IIoT)

FREMONT, Calif., March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — V5 Systems has been invited to attend and present at Intel Partner Connect 2018, which is the largest annual Intel event. This year the event focuses on the innovative contributions of its Platinum and Regional Partners to the development of IIoT technology. V5 Systems was selected in recognition of its market-ready IIoT outdoor security and computing technology. This technology features a Dell Gateway with Intel-based chips for edge computing, and it’s powered via proprietary solar panels and battery management system. When combined with video or acoustic sensors it becomes an intelligent video surveillance and gunshot detection solution. This platform can be deployed in under 30 minutes per unit without the need for trenching.


UCLA deployment of V5 Portable Power Unit


The Intel event, which is expected to be attended by approximately 2500 channel partners, has Dell EMC as one of its premier sponsors, a key technology partner with which V5 Systems has already implemented a number of turnkey IoT security solutions in the outdoors.

The upshot of the event is for attendees to gain insights from Intel innovators and industry visionaries on how the IoT, along with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Cloud and other leading-edge technology applications, is contributing to the digital transformation of businesses. The event enables participants to accelerate their partnerships and identify new opportunities for profitability.

V5 Systems has been invited to present its technology at the event because it has already established its leadership position in the Industrial IoT by implementing numerous real-world solutions.

At Intel Partner Connect, V5 Systems, Intel and Dell EMC are changing the security space through technology and innovation. By leveraging the power of Intel technology, V5 Systems is optimizing artificial intelligence to run at the Edge via the Dell Gateway. This synergy allows for onboard analytics that rapidly improve decision-making speed, without sending data to a central server and back again. For example, with V5 Systems Acoustic Gunshot Sensor (V5 GSL), the technology allows validated alerts to be sent directly to users in real-time, while lowering false positive rates dramatically. It enables cities and police departments to be proactive in assessing real world threats through IIoT innovation powered by Intel and Dell EMC.

Some highlights of current real-world applications of V5 Systems’ technology, demonstrating that IIoT is operational today.


Securing a Major US Pipeline
Industry: Oil & Gas

A major oil and gas company was experiencing daily security threats to its substations and was paying $200,000 a day for human patrols. The company also lacked remote monitoring and insights to manage oil leaks or spills.

V5 Systems’ Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU), enabled remote, real-time video monitoring of the substations and pipeline, even in areas without access to power. Where power is available, the unit was also connected to AC for redundancy.

Almost $87 million in savings during the first year, compared to the cost of employing security guards, and proactive monitoring for leaks and spills.

“What my customer is finding out is it’s making their lives easier. Some of these sites are so remote it’s a 2-hour drive one way. Now they can just get on their app, glance at it and say, ‘Nope, my site’s intact!’.” – Kris Greiner, Owner, Solbreez LLC


Keeping UCLA Safe
Industry: Higher Education

The university needed to add more security before the influx of visitors on move-in weekend.

V5 Portable Power Units (V5 PPU), which provided rapidly deployable video surveillance in areas UCLA was unable to monitor due to lack of an outdoor power source.

The units were installed in time for move-in weekend and resulted in the video detection of 15 incidents during that brief time-frame.

“We wanted the units up for Move-in Day and we hit our goal. People in the Housing Department were impressed. Cameras are always a big thing for move-in weekend. There are so many people, and we need to make sure everything runs smoothly.” – Jon Tran, Systems Manager, UCLA Housing Department


Proactive Gunshot Detection in an Urban City 
Industry: Law Enforcement

The need to deploy gunshot detection in an urban environment with a high crime rate, including a desire from the community stemming from recent active-shooter incidents.

V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensors (V5 GSL), hosted on V5 Systems’ Portable Security Units, which feature edge computing and uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint the source of a gunshot in the outdoors and send real-time alerts to law enforcement.

A proactive level of protection was added against active shooter events. The addition created peace of mind for students, faculty members and parents.

“Every time there is another shooting we get another round of examining what are we doing to prepare. The nice thing about the system is just how easy it is to use.” – Alan Cavallo, Captain, University Police San Jose State

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Gunshot detection alert on app and live video on UI


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