SJSU Installs Gunshot Detection Around Campus

November 2017

SJSU Installs Gunshot Detection Around Campus

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At the heart of the ‘Safest Big City’ in the nation, San Jose State University (SJSU) is a leading public educator. However, as San Jose’s crime rate has risen more than 12% since the early 2000s, campus police have their hands full ensuring the physical well-being of students. While efficient patrolling and campus alerts have kept undergrads safer and more vigilant, the SJSU PD has deployed gunshot detection to safeguard its campus.

Tree-hugging Security

Want to see what perpetual ongoing self-power really looks like? No poles or wires, just a tree to deploy our V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU)! Campuses can enhance the safety of the learning environment with little disruption to the student population or forest trails. With no trenching or connectivity requirements, universities can cover large, outdoor areas with minimally invasive security solutions. Want to see how it’s done in under 30 minutes? Click below.

The Mighty App, How We Keep Our Students Safe in Crises

Millennial students are always on their smartphones, and campuses are leveraging this. Creating an unfettered channel to campus security, crowd-sourced safety apps better protect students and faculty, providing them with current, accessible information. We review the most ubiquitous apps geared toward students and the law enforcement who protect them.

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