Six Steps that Could Make the Difference in a School Shooting

We watched with horror as a nation when a gunman discharged a high-powered assault rifle into Parkland classrooms. A safe scholastic environment is a right but it’s not a reality.

Without a long-term solution, smart security measures like portable acoustic gunshot detection could give us an edge over would-be mass murderers. Leveraging all the solutions available to us could put us one step closer to turning safe learning into a reality.

Read about the six steps, excerpted from Security Info Watch, that campus security, administrators and parents can take to safeguard our children.

1. Access control is the starting point.

If you can’t control access, anyone can bring any kind of guns into our schools.  Stand-alone metal detectors are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Wand scanners could be deployed tomorrow.  Backpacks and cases need to be scanned or opened.

2. Limit and alarm entrances to the schools.

No school is secure if there are multiple entrances, and if anyone can enter the school undetected.  All exterior doors should be locked 100 percent of the time, not propped open, and doors should be checked weekly to make sure they close effectively.

3. Actively monitor security cameras.

Cameras should be set up for active monitoring on every egress door, so that if a shooter somehow gets in, they can be discovered at the first shot and then isolated so that students are removed from the immediate area. Students could have been prevented from putting themselves in harm’s way, or even rescued.

4. Leverage gunshot detection solutions.

Gunshot detection software can alert at the sound of the first round fired.

5. Color photo ID badges should be issued to every student and worn at all times.

They cost almost nothing and instantly help to keep people out who should not be in the facility, such as the shooter who carried out this massacre.

6. Use bullet-resistant backpacks and white boards.

Though they can’t stop a gunman, these products can help children and staff protect themselves when all else fails.”

Source: Full Security Info Watch Article

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