Oracle Insights: Don’t Predict the Future, Create It

June 2018

Oracle Insights: Don’t Predict the Future, Create It

In Greek mythology, the Oracle of Delphi could predict the future. In 2018, the Oracle Cloud is creating the future, one that is streamlined and scalable.  V5 Systems is part of that vision, a factor of its continued commitment to affordable, customer-centric services.

“When you provide security systems, customers expect very high levels of availability,” said Michael Seidler, VP of Global Business Development at V5 Systems.  “We wanted an industry-standard public cloud to help us control costs, ensure that level of availability, and help us scale up with growth.”
With the Oracle Cloud, V5 Systems can scale-up individual deployments as the number of units and storage needs increase, providing seamless growth for customers; furthermore, the company can scale-out capacity to serve new customers as its business continues to expand worldwide. Leveraging the Cloud, customers can now benefit from and gain the flexibility of V5 Systems’ Security as a Service (SaaS) subscription model.

Through this partnership, V5 Systems can rapidly expand its AI-driven solutions for safer and smarter communications in an increasingly interconnected world.

Webinar: Cities and PDs, Level Up with IIoT

How can cities and PDs use the Industrial IoT to stop crime and improve quality of life?  Click on this link to learn about real-world applications for Smart Cities. These include AI-driven acoustic gunshot sensors that secured a campus perimeter and stopped a serial shooter, self-powered license plate readers that helped a city eradicate illegal dumping, portable surveillance units that dropped a downtown’s crime by 60% and even solutions used to combat illegal cod fishing and provide Wi-Fi at a remote construction site. Check it out and level up! 

Industrial IoT in Your PJs: Proactive Decision-Making

We are, by and large, a pajama nation, craving the comfort of beds and bean bags. Engineers, what if you could monitor local salinity and moisture on an app while doing inventory/catching up on Netflix? And factory managers, what if you could stop malfunctioning equipment before it throws your production schedule back a day? What if you could be proactive in your pajamas? With Edge Computing, now you can. 


After the recent school shootings in Parkland and Santa Fe, the Hoover Police Department in Alabama began to evaluate emerging technologies they believed would serve as cost-effective “force multipliers”. The Hoover PD has become a leader in sourcing new tech to protect its community, even hosting a high-powered conference of government agencies and leading technologists, including veteran-owned Azgard Group and V5 Systems, which debuted their new partnership at the Hoover Police Department Security Summit.

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