Illegal Dumping: When Trash Misses the Bin

July 2018

Illegal Dumping: When Trash Misses the Bin

If we are what we eat, then communities are what they contain. Hazardous waste can poison communities through air and water exposure and the consequences are often deadly and expensive. Keeping communities vibrant and safe by keeping streets clean is critical, but it can eat up city personnel’s time and budget. Jess Rodriguez, President of Security Alert Systems, was tasked with identifying a solution for a major Silicon Valley city. Illegal dumping had become a $1 million-a-year headache for city planners. This city decided it didn’t like the status quo at all and convened an elite task-force to brainstorm innovative ideas to tackle it.

Is Your City Ready to Host the Next Amazon?

No, Smart Cities don’t take the SATs, but they are competitive candidates for businesses like Amazon. Efficient cities cultivate higher quality jobs and opportunities, and the sensor-rich Internet of Things is helping cities get there. Urban administrations can leverage the IoT to reduce traffic accidents, bump up waste-management, retain educational services and even create robust security for citizens. As quality of life goes up, these cities attract companies and talent, fostering an environment of enhanced comfort and happiness for their residents.

At first glance, the small, picturesque town of Herndon, Virginia is an odd place for a campus safety summit. A former dairy community, Herndon, however, is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, a cluster of defense and high-technology companies that drives innovation on the Washington DC/Virginia border. This July 19th and 20th, the Campus Safety Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Dulles will serve as the backdrop for the latest high technology-security partnership to hit the stage.

New office, who dis? V5 Systems is moving across the highway into an airy, modern office.The new campus at 3191 Laurelview, Fremont will allow our teams to work under one roof in a turnkey space. At our new pad, we will be debuting our 3rd state-of-the-art Multi-Sensor Secured Operating Center (V5 MSOC). Now all we need is a new favorite lunch spot – taking suggestions!

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