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January 2018


2018, Here We Come!

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V5 Systems COO and President ­­­Mazin Bedwan would be the first to tell you that 2017 was a seminal year for the company’s growth. “It’s amazing
to consider that our company has experienced 100% growth in the 2017 calendar year, effectively doubling the number of V5 Systems team members worldwide. Our highly experienced engineering
team made enormous strides enhancing product functionality and reliability across all of our platforms in 2017, and this is a testament to the many people working together to accomplish
a common goal. Through our valued partner network, V5 Systems can credit a diverse array of clients, from universities to oil & gas to transit systems and local law enforcement
agencies, to name a few.” Mazin is confident that 2018 will see V5 Systems enjoy the kind of sustained sales and market growth that creates titans of industry. So to 2017, we say,
“Thank you!” And to 2018, we say, “Here we come!”

Shots Fired: Smart Safety is Now Cost-Effective

The Virginia Tech massacre was a watershed event, sparking fierce national dialogues about campus safety. In 2007, gunshot detection technology, which was still in its infancy, was cost-prohibitive and inaccurate. Today, with AI-driven, cost-effective options available, communities do not have to compromise on public safety anymore.

UCLA Case Study: Safe Away from Home

Move-in day is a logistical hurdle for UCLA’s Housing Department. 11,000 undergrads, brand-new resident halls and eight chaotic hours only a sorting hat could handle. Even though the campus was already armed with AXIS domes, fixed cameras and PTZs, the housing department added a self-powered surveillance system in record time to make student onboarding even more seamless.

A Drill That Saves Lives

Eight years ago, 8 people lost their lives in the Appomattox Mass Murder, commanding media attention for months. Now, mass shootings are just data-points in a grim trend of growing spree violence that haunts our civic life. Last month, we asked readers what they’d do if confronted with an active shooter. This month, we make the case for universities and other workplaces to invest time to drill this scenario.

Unlocking Data With a QR Code

What if you could access your power data in real-time by scanning a QR code? Skip the control room and upload forms and scripts in the field! Wunderlich-Malec and OSIsoft have partnered with V5 Systems to create the pioneering VIP Tower, an IoT solution for the industrial market. Integrating the self-powered V5 Portable Edge Computing Unit (V5 PECU) allows customers to gather, compute and analyze data in any outdoor location.

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