The Four Takeaways from ISC West 2018

April 2018

The Four Takeaways from ISC West 2018


For a company that straddles the nexus of Industrial IoT and security, we often have a unique perspective on the security market, and ISC West 2018 was a great time to see these two topics come together. Our team walked away with four key insights about the security industry in 2018:

  • Companies and products that bill themselves as commodities cannot survive. American companies are rarely equipped to win price wars, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the security world. 
  • The companies that have a  turnkey approach and seek partnerships that give them inter-market mobility will continue to grow and play important roles in securing our infrastructure, data and populations. 
  • The demand for outdoor security is finally being answered, by drones, robots and edge computing solutions. Businesses that can capitalize on opportunities in the outdoors will thrive. 
  • Artificial intelligence is changing fundamental things about the way we interact with the world, and the security industry is responding. AI-driven solutions not only excite customers but also create new business opportunities that low-tech products cannot address.   

Here’s a bonus fifth takeaway: great partnerships create a bigger pie for everyone. By aligning different strengths, industry partnerships can expose companies to new markets and ideas. To learn more about V5 Systems and its partnerships with Arrow Electronics, Panasonic and Pelco by Schneider Electric, Read more

Leading the Charge: A Campus PD’s Innovation

They say the best defense is a good offense, and no one understands this better than San Jose State’s University Police Department. SJSU PD was the first in the nation to embrace AI-driven gunshot detection technology and champions comprehensive active shooter and emergency training. Outside-the-box thinkers, this PD prepares its students for the worst, so they can be their best. 

When Seconds Count

The “average” human lifespan in 2018 is around 75 years. Broken down into its smallest increments, that equals approximately 2.3 billion seconds, which sounds like a lot; until you find yourself in a situation where all of it — your dreams for the future, promises made, the people you love — could all be ripped away in an instant. When seconds count, smart technology can determine the difference between life and death. 

Award #12: 
Little Combo Unit, Big Impact

The V5 Portable Security Unit with GSL Sensor is a WINNER, earning Security Sales & Integration Magazine’s 2018 MVP Award for a solution that sends first responders real-time, AI-driven information during active shooting events. On making proactive gunshot location technology accessible and affordable, Jeff Smith, VP of Global Security said, “We are proud of our efforts to support the frontline against the epidemic of gun violence. As former law enforcement, we are thankful we can help our officers save lives.”  


Award #13: Civic-focused Solution Goes Platinum

The 2018 Government Security Award for Outdoor Perimeter Protection went to V5 Systems, cementing its 13th win in two years. The V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) provides security for government and military infrastructure, as well as outdoor safety for cities, schools and public venues via software-driven and self-powered surveillance technology. Despite a bumper year for government security products, the V5 PSU took the cake with its forward-thinking  approach.

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