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Until recently, electrical power and internet connectivity were requirements for real-time security surveillance, which greatly restricted the areas that organizations could monitor for threats. V5 Systems, based in Fremont, California, eliminated these obstacles when it launched the rst portable, solar-powered security solution with WiFi and cellular network-access capabilities.

The solution — contained in a small, watertight enclosure — includes V5 Systems’ software, a propriety power system, a video camera and an edge gateway. The gateway can collect, store and analyze data locally or transmit information to remote systems in the cloud or a data center for threat analysis and storage.

Because the solution was the rst of its kind in the industry, many companies were interested in V5 Systems’ security platform. However, as a small startup, the company lacked credibility compared with established industry players. Plus, it was di cult to meet the diverse requirements of potential customers.

As it decided how to handle these challenges, V5 Systems recognized another massive opportunity. Its security solution provided an ideal platform for unique Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications because it can collect and share data from a camera or other sensors in areas without power. For example, IIoT applications might automatically share information from a tra c intersection with a smart car to facilitate hands- free navigation; trigger emergency broadcasts if dangerous chemicals are detected in the air; dispatch, in real time, rst-responders to the exact address where a gunshot is detected; and facilitate other innovative solutions in possibly every other industry.

Choosing Dell as a technology partner

Rather than managing the obstacles and opportunities related to the Internet of Things on its own, V5 Systems engaged Dell OEM Services for hardware, guidance and 24x7x365 global support services. To speed time- to-market, the company decided to work with Dell engineers to rst test and precertify hardware con gurations for video streaming. Although Dell had not yet released its new Edge Gateway 5000 Model, it could support V5 Systems’ initial use case with the Dell IoT Gateway by adding cellular technology. In addition, the solution includes Nexenta software to simplify data storage. Going forward, V5 Systems will o er IIoT solutions based on the Dell IoT Gateway and the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series.

Mike Grosswald, vice president of global sales and strategic partnership at V5 Systems, says, “It was easy for us to choose Dell IoT Gateways for our solution because we know that Dell is going to be a leader in the industrial IoT space. Right now, we’re testing the Dell IoT Gateway for our midrange security solution, which gives customers situational awareness with video streaming. The Dell gateway can store data locally or send it to a back-end server.”

Business Benefits

  • Provides a portable, self-powered platform for IoT innovationV5 Systems and its customers can be the rst to bring new types of IoT solutions to market. “We have an industrial IoT platform that customers can quickly deploy in areas without power or internet access, which has never before been possible, by adding a Dell IoT Gateway to our solution,” Grosswald explains. “And, it can run our own IoT applications, third-party applications and other IoT sensors. Right now we’re working on new security and industrial IoT solutions that run on Dell IoT Gateways that will literally help to build new industries.”
  • Customers can monitor any area for threats in real timeOrganizations can also deploy V5 Systems’ security solutions anywhere in the world, including property lines and construction sites in remote areas, large open elds with crops or livestock, and populated areas as well. Michael Seidler, vice president of global business development at V5 Systems, says, “Being able to have real-time situational awareness is invaluable to law enforcement and security agencies. By coupling our product o ering with Dell IoT Gateways, we can deliver real-time insight about critical situations regardless of where they happen.”
  • Gives global customers more choice with one point of contactBy using Dell as an original equipment manufacturer, V5 Systems gives its customers more options for precon gured, pretested solutions to meet di erent price/performance and implementation requirements. “There’s a whole host of Dell technologies that we can integrate into our solution,” Grosswald explains. “And we can also get third-party technologies from Dell, which simpli es our processes.”Plus, when it engaged Dell OEM Services to support its solution, V5 Systems instantly expanded its reach around the globe and gave its customers one point of contact for help with every solution component, whether it’s from V5 Systems, Dell or a third party. “When one of our customers calls our 800 number, it’s actually a Dell employee who answers the phone,” says Grosswald.
  • Dell’s IoT ecosystem boosts credibility and growthTo increase exposure for its solutions, V5 Systems also joined the Dell IoT Partner Program. By doing so, the company has been able to add its solutions to the Dell Software and Peripherals catalog. Its solutions are on display at the Dell IoT lab in Silicon Valley as well, which has led to connections with 47 new entities including potential customers and partners. “As a startup, part of our challenge is being recognized and understood in the marketplace,” Grosswald says. “We’ve gained instant credibility and we’ve been able to bring our solutions to distribution much faster by working with Dell. Our relationship is facilitating our entry into a variety of industries that would have taken much longer for us to achieve on our own. The opportunities we’re realizing by being able to engage with Dell and its partners are almost immeasurable in value.”

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