Altantis Drowned

February 2018


Atlantis Drowned: How New Tech Helped Palo Alto Avoid the Same Fate

City of Palo Alto Creek Monitoring

Throughout winter 2016, heavy rains inundated the Bay Area, relieving a five-year drought. The rains also brought severe flooding, and many communities were stranded for days. The slow response and restoration efforts were blamed on the lack of functioning monitoring systems.

Fast-forward to 2018, and the City of Palo Alto can now assess water levels in the San Francisquito, Matadero and Adobe Creeks with the ease and convenience of a cell phone app. In partnership with V5 Systems, Palo Alto is piloting the V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) to detect changes in flow and volume. These self-powered, portable devices will ensure that Palo Alto is ready the next time the skies decide to let loose.

AI: Robotics on the Rise

When the dystopian Will Smith-starrer I, Robot released in 2004, the first iPhone was still three years out and Siri was just a whiteboard fantasy. Fourteen years later,
Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous and more powerful than director Alex Proyas imagined. From home assistants to high frequency trading, AI is changing the way we interact with
the world. And now, AI is changing the security space for good.

Don’t Believe Us: An Expert Weighs In

Physicist, engineer, professor and journalist, John Blyler spotlights the V5 PSU’s disruptive capabilities: “…a novel solution to these challenges: a solar-powered, wireless surveillance system that can be installed virtually anywhere in under 30 minutes…The system is completely wireless, it needs no power or network cabling. As a result, installation can be considerably less expensive than for traditional systems.”

When David Beats Goliath: Winning Streak Continues 

V5 Systems won the 1st Prize Award for its unique V5 Portable Edge Computing Unit (V5 PECU), an innovative and self-powered platform for collecting, analyzing and sharing sensor data outdoors. Helena Wang, VP of Global Business Development, believes this is critical context for the company’s positioning. “As an American company, we are especially proud of this win, as we are competing in a space which Chinese companies have dominated thus far due to their market’s emphasis on IoT development,” she said.

ISC West 2018 – Be There

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