In the Age of Mass Casualties, a Bay Area University Police Department Prepares

March 2018


In the Age of Mass Casualties, a Bay Area University Police Department Prepares

Click here to hear from Captain Cavallo himself or here to read the full article.

“Every time there is another shooting we get another round of ‘what are we doing to prepare?”– Alan Cavallo, Captain, University Police San Jose State.

Tasked with protecting a community of 40,000 students and faculty in the heart of an urban downtown, Captain Alan Cavallo is no stranger to emergency preparedness. As the toll from mass shootings continues to rise, Cavallo is implementing a safety campaign to mitigate casualties and give students, faculty and their families peace of mind.

The proactive safety campaign is three-pronged. Read the full article here.

Man on a Mission: Protecting the Men and Women Who Protect Us

“One of my first missions in combat, I was introduced to a sniper. The first thing you hear before you hear the gunshot is a pop as the bullet breaks the sound barrier. If detection goes from human to V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor, that is invaluable in terms of reaction time.” Meet decorated Major General Rob Ostenberg as he expertly addresses adapting security for a modern military force. 

The Longest Straw – A Thousand Miles of Pipe

Oil & Gas infrastructure is a matter of national security. Hundreds of thousands of miles of piped fuel keep industries churning and homes warm around the world.
The industry faces major security and operational challenges today.

Now, a major oil company has found a solution.

V5 Systems Showcases Market-Ready IoT Technology at Intel Partner Connect 2018

V5 Systems was selected by Intel in recognition of its market-ready Industrial IoT outdoor security and computing technology. This technology features a Dell Gateway with Intel technology for edge computing, and it’s powered via proprietary solar panels and battery management system.

Six Steps that Could Make the Difference in a School Shooting

We watched with horror as a nation when a gunman discharged a high-powered assault rifle into Parkland classrooms. A safe scholastic environment is a right but it’s not a reality.
Read about six steps campus security, administrators and parents can take today to safeguard our children.

ISC West

In October 2017, a mass shooter cut down 59 aspirations and thousands of mothers, fathers, children and friends mourned. Far from being crushed, the city of Las Vegas rallied to the victims’ side and Vegas Strong was born. Please join us at ISC West 2018 together with 30,000 security professionals to continue building tools for communities and police departments to fight back. #VegasStrong  

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