Public Safety-as-a-Service: An Autonomous, Turnkey, Subscription-based Solution

Public Safety-as-a-Service: An Autonomous, Turnkey, Subscription-based Solution
Oct 30, 2019

State, Local Government and Small Businesses all face challenges when implementing or extending outdoor security measures including budgets, lack of technical knowledge and access to fixed power and communications. V5 Systems offers public safety-as-a-service to solve these challenges.

What is Public Safety-as-a-Service (PSaaS)?

An offering of convenience, that does not require a capital-intensive investment in assets or technical expertise and can be implemented on-demand, bringing Smart and Safe city initiatives to life rapidly and with ease.

How V5 Systems Solves These Challenges

1. Obviates need for specialized IT personnel to integrate, update or keep up-to-update, freeing up manpower

2. Eliminates dependence on software upgrading as it continuously self-updates via onboard communications

3. Provides full-service model with a customizable suite of technologies to address diverse contexts

4. Eliminates a high-cost capital investment with an affordable, monthly subscription model

5. Eliminates trenching & permitting to reduce implementation time and cost

6. Implements security siloes, with physical security enhancing cyber-security and reducing risk as a point of ingress

Subscription starting at $199 a month! 

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