The V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) gives you real-time situational awareness with live video footage, analytics to discern objects of interest in defined zones and downloadable HD video after an incident for evidentiary purposes. This solution keeps you proactive and adds “eyes” in areas that can otherwise take months or years to secure due to the need for permitting and trenching for power and connectivity.

The V5 PSU enables you to:

Quickly Deploy

Deploy intelligent outdoor video surveillance anywhere in less than 30 minutes per unit

Remotely Manage

Monitor, view, store and download video through V5 Systems Multi-Sensor Monitoring System (V5 MMS), accessible via Web, iOS and Android app

Set Up Real-Time Alerts

Set up video analytics to alert you in real-time if an object of interest enters your defined zone*

Innovative Approach to Safeguarding
People and Assets

What You Need to Quickly
Secure Outdoor Areas

What V5 Systems

Real-time, accurate alerts for rapid response

Optimized AI analytics generate real-time alerts that are sent to any smart device

Quick and easy deployment with limited disruption of city life and economic activity

Deployable in under 30 minutes per unit with turnkey, wireless devices that weigh less than 25 pounds each

Budget-friendly technology

Self-powered solutions without the cost associated with trenching for power

Situational Awareness

Visual information of the event and the ability to view live video  

Arming you with intelligent information

Solutions are preconfigured and setup before you receive them so installation is quick and easy. Wireless communications can be setup through Wi-Fi, cellular, radio frequency or satellite.


Collect and Analyze
data on device itself

Cellular, Wi-Fi, RF or
Satellite Connectivity


  • V5 Analytics Send Real-Time
    Alerts Directly to User

  • Store On The Device Itself or
    Via V5 Cloud

  • View Live Video and Video
    History on V5 MMS or Third-Party
    Video Management System

Solutions include 1TB of storage on the device itself which enables up to 30 days of High Definition (HD) 24/7 video and 200GB of cloud storage which enables up to 30 days of Standard Definition video. Additional storage can be added.

Customizable platform



Setup analytics to alert you in real-time

Event happens – Information transfers in under 3 seconds

  • Real-time notification information includes

    1. Video clip of alert
    2. Live video

  • Notifications can be sent directly to

    1. User
    2. Dispatcher
    3. V5 Multi-Sensor Monitoring System
    4. V5 Multi-Sensor Secured Operating Center
    5. Combination of all three

  • Notifications are sent via

    1. SMS
    2. Email

  • Notifications can be viewed through V5 Multi-Sensor Monitoring System via

    1. Web-based user interface
    2. Android and iOS app


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V5 PSU Hardware Highlights

Low-Power Architectures: V5 Systems’ devices contain Advanced RISC Processors that run proprietary V5 Systems software that is optimized to reduce CPU, Memory and Power consumption. This can also be executed on standard Intel 64-bit servers. This is not the same for other vendors who only use 64 Bit CPUs.

Multi-Sensor Capable: V5 Systems’ platform is designed for integration with all types of low-powered sensors. This allows V5 System’s portable devices to “See,” “Hear” and “Smell,” as well as other sensing capabilities.

Power Management System: V5 Systems’ portable devices are powered through a combination of bullet-resistant solar, V5 Systems battery banks and proprietary power management system. This allows infrastructure-free deployments requiring no trenching, permits, wired power or wired communications.

Bullet-resistant Solar Panels: All V5 Systems’ devices come with bullet-resistant solar panels that are 80% lighter than standard solar panels without the need for a glass face and metal frame.

GPS Tracked: All V5 Systems’ devices are embedded with GPS antennas.

V5 PSU Physical Highlights

Most solutions are a single unit Form Factor 22” x 11.75” x 12”:
V5 Systems’ portable devices act as an outdoor data center that contains all the necessary components to operate as a standalone solution. Delivered in a compact form factor these portable solutions are easily deployable and re-deployable as customer needs change.

Lightweight (less than 25 lbs or 13 kgs):
V5 Systems’ devices weigh less than 25 pounds and can be easily installed by a single installer in less than 30 minutes per unit.

Dual Industrial Security Locks:
V5 Systems portable devices are secured by two industrial strength locks.

Security Sensors:
V5 Systems’ portable devices contain tilt and shock sensors to detect unauthorized tampering or removal of the unit.

Industrial Temperature Bracket:
This enables the platform to operate in -20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius


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