Truly Portable Outdoor Security Solutions

Breakthrough technology enabling power to virtually any device.

V5 Portable Auxiliary Power Unit (PPU-Auxiliary)

Extending Operational Time On Any V5 Systems’ Portable Security Units



    Extending Up To 3 Days Of Run Time To Any V5 Device That Does Not Have Solar Power Input



    Used As Continuous Backup Power With Solar For Redundancy On Any V5 Device



    Configure And Setup In Under 30 Minutes

Powered by V5

V5 System’s Auxiliary Power Pack is a revolutionary breakthrough in power technology. V5 System’s Auxiliary Power Pack generates perpetual power via advanced solar technology and is stored within this lightweight, ruggedized enclosure for outdoor deployments. This advanced Power Pack can extend the operational time on any of V5 System’s Portable Security Devices for up to 3 (additional) days without any external source of power.

Key Features

  • Self-powered with two lightweight V5  proprietary solar panels
  • Battery storage system with up to 3 days of operation
  • Additional power source for V5 systems’ portable security devices
  • 2 year warranty


  • Backup power
  • Extending operation time of up to 3 days on any V5 device without solar power for short deployments

Portable Power Unit (PPU)

Customizable For Any External Power Needs



    Perpetual Power Through Solar, Wind And AC/DC



    Enabling You To Power Multiple Devices With 5V, 12V, 24V and POE+ Capabilities



    Configure And Setup In Under 30 Minutes

Powered by V5

V5 System’s Portable Power Unit (V5 PPU) is a revolutionary breakthrough in power technology. These 1 KWh devices can run up to 3 times as long as traditional lead acid battery solutions and are a fraction of the weight and size. These devices can also be daisy chained together for up to 10 KWh of power. New found flexibility to power appliances with multiple output options that include: (2) 5V and (2) 12V, 2) 5V with (1) 24V or (2) 5V with (1) POE+. With several output options V5 Systems gives you the ability to supply power to virtually any device where either 110vac (AC adapter required) or a gas powered generator is used. Some applications include LED lighting, IoT sensors, cameras, and signage. These 1 kWh units can power applications for up to 5 days (depending on the power load) and can be perpetually powered by V5’s lightweight, bullet resistant solar panels. By virtue of our efficiency and patented method of harvesting solar energy, you’re now able to use the sun as the main (or single) source of power. All units are stored in a water resistant (IP67), ruggedized enclosure to be used in all environments.

Existing Solutions

Existing power solutions on the market today consist of lead acid batteries and gas generators. These solutions are less efficient compared to V5 Systems Portable Power Units. They are big and bulky and have expensive price tags.


  • 1 kWh of power
  • Small form factor utilizing lithium ion batteries
  • A fraction of the weight of lead acid battery solutions
  • 3X run time of lead acid battery solutions
  • IP67 Ruggedized /water repellent enclosure
  • Proprietary power management system
    • Between battery banks
    • Between solar and battery banks
  • Optional to expand 1kWh to 10 kWh
  • Multiple power inputs (solar, wind, AC/DC)
  • Flexible Output:
    • (2) 5V with (2) 12V
    • (2) 5V with (1) 24V
    • (2) 5V with POE+
  • Up to 3 days of operation depending on power loads
  • 2 year warranty, extendable to 5 years


  • Rapid deployment
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), compared to other power packs in the marketplace
  • Ability to power outdoors and indoors
  • Backup Power

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