Truly Portable Outdoor Edge Computing Solutions for the Industrial IoT

V5 Systems’ Portable Edge Computing Unit is an innovative platform for collecting, analyzing and sharing sensor data in any area, free from the electrical grid. Artificial intelligence on the edge is combined with an ongoing power source to expand the landscape of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks and applications to the outdoors.

Portable Edge Computing Unit (PECU)

World’s First Portable Edge Computing Device



    Run 3rd Party Software Applications And Sensors In The Outdoors Without Fixed Power Or Data



    Small Form Factor and 100% Self-Powered



    Configure and setup in under 30 minutes

Powered by V5

V5 Systems’ Portable Edge Computing Unit (V5 PECU) is the world’s first wireless, portable computing solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT is a network of smart devices coupled with sensors of all types collecting sensor data and communicating that data between devices (machine-to-machine). Integrated with the Dell Gateway 5000, it uses artificial intelligence to perform analysis on the data (machine learning), and send information to its operators and users without being tied to fixed power or data cables. V5 PECU-DELL 5000 has onboard storage and wireless communications via W-Fi and cellular, enabling partners to deploy sensors and software applications in any outdoor environment. This intelligent, solar-powered device can be configured and installed in under 60 minutes; all packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for easy deployment without the need for trenching.

Existing Solutions

There are no portable self-powered computing solutions on the market today.


  • Artificial intelligent computing that is done on the edge, without a data center
  • Perpetually powered with proprietary V5 solar panels and battery system
  • Extended operational time with the addition of a V5 Portable Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Dell Gateway 5000 computing platform
  • Multi-core processors
  • 500GB | 1TB onboard storage
  • Wireless Communications including outdoor WiFi, cellular and radio frequency
  • Multi-sensor platform (GPS, temperature and option to include acoustic)
  • Open platform to integrate 3rd party software applications and sensors
  • Web based user interface, iOs and android app
  • Real-time alerts and history
  • Role based access and control
  • Deployment modes
    • Edge (standalone)
    • Backend Server (distributed)


  • Fast deployment
  • Fewer resources needed
  • Effortless setup
  • Lower expenses
  • No trenching
  • 2 Year warranty – extendable to 5 years
  • Transform your workforce
  • Gain productivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Economic growth
  • Automate information
  • Real-time data collecting and transfer

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