V5 Solar Panel

The Most Advanced Solar Panel

  • Superior Solar Power

    • Absorbs power even in low-light conditions caused by vegetation blockage, bird droppings, clouds or certain rainy and snowy conditions
    • High power output allows V5 Solar Panels to deliver up to 2x the power in comparison to traditional solar panels
  • Bullet-resistant

    • Get continuous, optimal performance and connectivity, even after bullet or object penetration
  • Stable

    • High adaptability to changing light and shading conditions with consistent and reliable year-round yield
  • Durable

    • Deploy your solution wherever and whenever you have a need. Exceptional tolerance to extreme weather due to ruggedized and flexible form factor designed to withstand hurricanes, typhoons and even outer space conditions
  • Lightweight

    • Half the weight of traditional solar panels without the need for a glass face or metal enclosure
  • Fully Certified

    • American-designed and made
    • Modules are built and tested to UL 1703, UL 2703, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards

The V5 Solar Panel is a high-yield module that combines the performance and ubiquity of crystalline silicon with the lightweight ruggedness of thin-film solutions. The high energy density means that you can power more with less, reducing weight and increasing longevity and performance. This durable lightness gives these modules inherent portability and versatility of application, with no need for heavy, expensive racking systems. Through a patented grid technology, the V5 Solar Panel lowers CTM-loss and improves energy yield for less. The redundant interconnect technology also results in a flex-tolerant panel that is fatigue-resistant and durable, allowing it to perform exceptionally in adverse conditions.


Imagine your local golf course. No trees, plenty of sunlight and solar panels to power the facilities. Crack. A few rounds later and your sustainable power is no more. Now, thanks to our patented technology, that same silicon wafer is part of a high-efficiency module than can operate even in the face of gunfire with minimal production loss. That’s performance you can count on to power your solution in the outdoors. Frameless and lightweight, our portable power generation gives you the flexibility you need for power in the outdoors.


  • Enhanced Performance
    • Gain reliable energy to feed power-hungry equipment
    • High energy-density of crystalline silicon
    • Versatility and portability of thin-film technologies
    • Exceptional low-light yield and CTM-loss conservation

V5 Solar Panel Unit Configurations

Electrical Data
V5 Systems Solar 1.0 Panel V5 Systems Solar 2.0 Panel
Nominal Power(Pnom)1 85 W 174 W
Power Tolerance +/-5% +/-5%
Active Area Efficiency 19.30% 19.80%
Rated Voltage (Vmpp) 19.68 V 19.78 V
Rated Current (Impp) 4.5 A 9.0 A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23.10 V 23.98 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 5.10 A 9.10 A
Max. System Voltage 600 V UL & 1000 V IEC 600 V UL & 1000 V IEC
Maximum Series Fuse 15A
Power Temp Coef. –0.42 % /C
Voltage Temp Coef. –0.33 % /C
Current Temp Coef. 0.05 % /C
Tests and Certication
Standard Tests UL1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730
Salt Spray Test IEC 61701
Wind Resistance ASTM D3161 (250 km/hr)
Operating Condition and Mechanical Data
Temperature –40° C to +85° C
Impact Resistance 1 i nch (25 mm) diameter hail at 52 mph (23 m/s )
Solar Cells 36 Monocrystalline Interconnected Half Cells 36 Monocrystalline Interconnected Cells
Termination Jbox with PV cable and polarized connectors Jbox with PV cable and polarized connectors
Dimensions (inch) 22.75(L) x 38.85(W) x 0.25(D) 45.27(L) x 38.85(W) x 0.25(D)
Weight 8.1 l bs (3.18kg) 16.5 l bs (6.5kg)
Max. Load
Frame Wi nd: >4500 Pa front & back
Snow: 5400 Pa front
1 STC s tandard tes t conditi ons : 1000W/m2 i ntens i ty, Ai r Mas s 1.5, 25 C cel l temperature. The el ectri cal characteri s ti cs are wi thi n ± 10% unl es s otherwi s e s peci  ed.


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