V5 Solar Panel

The Most Advanced Solar Panel





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Powered By V5

V5 System’s Proprietary Solar Panel creates a pattern of internal reflection within the PV module. The enhanced performance results in a higher energy yield than traditional solar modules. Our panel not only improves the energy yield of modules, it improves the reliability and durability as well. This technology reinforces the mechanical structure of a solar cell, allowing it to flex more than traditional cells. The multi-redundant interconnect is part of the front cell grid and minimizes the opportunity for arcing within the module. This allows V5 Systems to deliver a proprietary solar panel that is glass free, has no metal frame, is flex tolerant and is a fraction of the weight of standard solar panels.

Existing Solutions

Standard solar technology connects one solar cell to another through paper thin buss bars of connectivity.  Glass is then placed over the solar cells and housed in metal or aluminum frames to eliminate flex or physical damage to the solar cells.  If standard solar cells are subject to various degrees of flexing and the buss bars of connectivity are broken, those panels will no longer function and will require field replacement. Glass and metal create unnecessary weight and require bracketing systems that are equally heavy and bulky.

Key Features

  • Primary Power Source
    • For V5 Systems Portable Security Units and Portable Power Units
  • Bullet Resistant
    • Ongoing connectivity even when pierced by gunshots
  • Light weight
    • Half the weight of traditional solar without the need for a glass face or metal enclosure
  • Enhanced performance
    • Higher energy yield over standard solar panels
  • Stability
    • To handle changing light and shade conditions
  • Durable
    • Against challenging weather conditions


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