V5 Power Mixer


  • Reliable

    • Connect your V5 Systems unit directly to AC power with the V5 Power Mixer so your system stays operational, independent of the weather.
    • Tolerance to extreme conditions due to ruggedized and flexible form factor.
  • Fast

    • Deploy with ease in under 10 minutes per power mixer.
  • Stay Operational

    • If sunlight is limited in deployment location and AC power is the desired primary power input, the power mixer not only enables easy connection, but the onboard battery also provides power redundancy, keeping your system operational if AC power goes down.
    • If solar is the desired primary power input, the power mixer enables transition to AC power without service interruption keeping the system operational in bad weather.

The V5 Power Mixer gives you year-round operational performance in areas where power is easily accessible. With its plug & play functionality, draw power from available light-poles to augment or replace solar power when necessary. The V5 Power Mixer is compatible with all V5 Systems outdoor edge solutions and expands your perimeter visibility by allowing you to add power redundancy for mission-critical performance, ensuring you will always be there.


Choose the V5 Power Mixer that’s right for your deployment. Choose between a power tap, open wire or AC plug as the connection. Power mixer supports standard voltage range (110 – 277V).

Utilizing a photo-eye, the power mixer and battery management system work with the photo-eye’s time cycle, ensuring the integrity, maintenance, and cost efficiency of the light-pole. For example, a traditional product that taps into light-pole requires power to be on 24/7. With our solution, if your pole is on a photosensitive time cycle, our battery solution will charge when power is available and run off batteries when power is not, creating power efficiency.


Imagine your typical Midwestern city in winter. Heavy coats, sharp winds and days of darkness. With the addition of a V5 Power Mixer or the combination of the V5 Solar Panels and V5 Power Mixer, you can confidently run your applications in the outdoors, secure in the knowledge that your system will stay operational. Where power is easily available via light-pole, take advantage of its easy, fast deployment in under ten minutes per unit. Flexible, rugged and American-engineered, this portable power generation gives you the flexibility you need to stay operating, free from weather concerns.

Multiple Power Source Options To Keep Your V5 Solution Operational

Get the flexibility of 2 power options. All solutions include a proprietary battery and power management system and can be powered via AC power or a combination of AC power and bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels. When connected to AC power, the battery and power management system acts as backup power when the main power source goes down.


  • Gain reliable energy to feed power hungry equipment
  • Combine advanced crystalline silicon solar with a fail-safe energy source
  • Effortless setup
  • Versatility and portability of a compact form factor
  • Compatibility with most light-poles


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