OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection

World’s First Wireless, Rapidly Deployable Gunshot Detection And Gunshot Location Solution



    Small Form Factor and 100% Self-Powered



    Configure And Setup In Under 30 Minutes



    Real-time transfer of information

Powered by V5

V5 Systems’ Acoustic Gunshot Sensor is the world’s first wireless, portable, solar-powered Gunshot Locator (GSL) device. By continuously monitoring ambient environmental audio, the sensor is able to both detect and localize the source of gunfire and provide real-time location information for each gunshot event. V5 Systems’ Acoustic Gunshot Sensor features artificial intelligence that refines its learning over time within the environment in which they are located. The smart software uses models that emulate that human brain and has the ability to hear, see and smell with intelligent sensors. The sensor, deployed with V5 Portable Power Unit(s) and/or V5 Portable Security Unit(s) is a truly innovative, off-the-grid technology capable of addressing all of your outdoor GSL needs.

These devices are wireless so they enable users to deploy sophisticated gunshot detection solutions wherever they have a need for them, rather then, wherever they have access to fixed power and connectivity. This eliminates the need for trenching and acquiring permits vastly reducing implementation cost and time. V5 Gunshot Sensor has an extensive built-in library to produce the highest detection accuracy possible. Additionally, it includes dynamic learning to expand its library and continually train itself, further increasing the accuracy of the system. When multiple V5 Portable Units are deployed with V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor, they can share data and work together to triangulate the source of one or more gunshots, determining precise locations while sending real-time audio alerts via email and/or text to any authorized first responders and security personnel. These intelligent devices are powered by V5’s proprietary power and power management system, driven by an edge-computing platform, equipped with on-board storage, and communicate via cellular networks, Wi-Fi and/or radio frequency. The solution can generally be installed in under 30 minutes; all packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for easy deployment and/or re-deployment in any outdoor environment.

Existing Solutions

Traditionally, video surveillance and gunshot detection systems are implemented as separate solutions. Fixed GSL and video solutions create sunk-in costs because they are not re-deployable. Wired solutions are expensive and cannot be implemented until the proper permitting has been approved. The permitting process itself can create delays that extend over months, sometimes even years before trenching for power and data connectivity can begin. The cost of trenching in remote areas can often times make the implementation of the necessary solution cost prohibitive. Current outdoor gunshot detection systems have an average cost of +/- $250,000 per year, per square mile of coverage (not including trenching and deployment costs). Combining separate video and GSL systems into a single working solution can create substantial IT challenges as well. Once traditional systems are in place, they lack actual real-time alerting capabilities, because the information is generally processed on a back-end server, or subject to human verification. This processing and manual verification creates latency which delays response times and often times leads to inaccurate or false alerts.


  • Artificial intelligent computing that is done on the edge, without a data center
  • Self-Powered
    • Perpetually powered by any V5 Portable Unit via V5 proprietary lightweight, bullet resistant solar panels and battery management system
  • Computing Platform
  • Edge based gunshot detection (GSD) with gunshot direction information
  • Triangulation of gunshots when multiple V5 Portable Units are deployed
  • Extensive sound library containing acoustic signatures of both gunshots and non-threatening events
  • Dynamic learning mechanism to continually expand and train the sound library
  • Over 100 meters of localizable acoustic range
  • Web based user interface, android and iOS app
  • Real-time acoustic alert/clips via email and text on any smart device
  • Real-time video alert/clips via email and text on any smart device when deployed On V5 Portable Units with camera sensor
  • Gunshot location and history visualization on google map
  • Reporting exact time and number of rounds fired
  • Downloadable historical alert and clips
  • Role based access and control
  • Wireless Communications
    • Outdoor WiFi
    • Cellular
    • Radio frequency (RF)


  • Fast deployment
    • Turnkey solution
    • No permits
    • Fewer resources needed
    • Effortless setup
    • Lower expenses
    • No trenching
  • 2 year warranty -extendable To 5 years
  • Transform workforce
    • Gain insight to become proactive to a situation rather than reactive, after the fact
  • Automate information
    • Real-time acoustic and/or video collecting and transfer


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