OnSight+ Portable Surveillance Unit with Video Analytics


  • 100% Self-powered

    • Powered via a proprietary battery and power management system with the option to add bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, directly connect to AC power when available or a combination of both
  • Video Analytics & Storage

    • Edge computing enables video analytics for multi-zone object detection, providing real-time email and text alerts
    • Up to 1TB of onboard storage
  • Live 24/7 Video Streaming

    • View information via the V5 MMS (Multi-sensor Monitoring System) with a web-based user interface, Android app and iOS app
    • Get role-based access control for live video, archives and HD downloadable views
  • Wireless Communications

    • Get the convenience of onboard Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite or radio frequency

The OnSight Portable Video Surveillance with Analytics is the world’s first intelligent portable security solution. Its revolutionary power system consists of 1 kilowatt of onboard battery power.

This intelligent device has onboard computing with artificial intelligence, onboard storage and wireless communications. OnSight+ units are compact and weigh less than 25 pounds, enabling rapid deployment and re-deployment. Each OnSight can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes, packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for deployment to any outdoor environment without the need for trenching and permits.

Customizable Operational Time

Choose the operational time that’s right for you. Fully charged units without any solar input will be operational for up to 3 days. This operational time can be extended with the addition of an OnPower Portable Auxiliary Battery Unit, extending the operational time to up to 7 days without any solar input. Runtime may vary based upon final configurations.

Multiple Power Source Options

Get the flexibility of three power options. All solutions include a proprietary battery and power management system and can be powered via bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, AC power or a combination of both. When connected to AC power, the battery and power management system acts as backup power when fixed power goes down.

Configuration Options

Communication Storage Camera Lens Focal Length
Wi-Fi, Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) or third-party communications devices such as RF (Radio Frequency) and Satellite. 500GB or 1TB of local storage (1TB will store up to 30 days of HD video) and 200GB of cloud storage (up to 30 days of SD video). If your storage needs are higher, we provide additional cloud storage. The V5 Cloud offers a simple, but secure, scalable solution to store, access, remotely back-up and share data. Depending on your surveillance needs, we offer two different lens focal length options:

  • 2.8-12 mm for a wider field of view with focus on near objects of interest
  • 7-22 mm for a longer-distance field of view with focus on further away objects of interest


The V5 Multi-Sensor Secured Operating Center (V5 MSOC) provides state-of-the-art monitoring options to ensure your satisfaction and pride of ownership over the long-term.

Video Analytics Alert Verification

Allow the V5 MSOC to verify, report and repond in a customized way to video analytics alerts on your behalf.

Remote Guarding

Get the protection of a virtual security guard to keep your premises and assets secured. Randomized digital security checks are implemented twice a day (can be upgraded to more) with a customizable customer response model.

Platform Health And Power Status Monitoring

Keep your security solutions up-to-date and operational with the ability to remotely check the health and power status of your units.


Rapidly deploy pre-configured, turnkey security units in any outdoor environment or cost-prohibitive area without being tied to the electrical grid. Gain immediate insight with 24/7 live video streaming and video anaytics that can detect objects of interest, sending you real-time email and text alerts to any smart device.


  • Fast Deployment
    • Deployable in under 30 minutes per unit Compact turnkey system
    • Effortless setup
  • Lower Cost
    • No need to trench for power or connectivity
    • 2-year warranty included
  • Increased Situational Awareness
    • Prevent blind spots
    • Less risk exposure
    • Reduce crime
    • Deter criminals


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