OnSight Portable License Plate Reader

The Most Advanced Self-Powered License Plate Reader



    Small Form Factor and 100% Self-Powered

  • Real-time


    Instant alerts with high definition video history



    Configure and setup in under 30 minutes

Secured by V5

V5 System’s Portable LPR Security Unit (V5 PSU – LPR) is the world’s first wireless, portable LPR security solution. The revolutionary power system consists of 1 kilowatt of onboard battery power and can be powered by lightweight, bullet-resistant V5 solar panels. This intelligent device has onboard computing with built-in software that automatically captures the license plate in real-time on still or moving vehicles, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list and sends real-time alerts. This LPR solution is best for ingress/egress areas, parking lots, garages and areas where max speed of the vehicle is under 35 mph / 55 km/hr. V5 PSU – LPRs are compact and weigh less than 25 pounds, enabling rapid deployment and re-deployment. The V5 PSU – LPR can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes, all packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for deployment in any outdoor environment without the need for trenching and permits. Depending on surrounding light, the solution may require IR-light or additional light sources for optimal performance.

Key Features

  • Self-powered with a combination of proprietary bullet- resistant V5 solar panels and battery/power management system
  • Ability to create license plate number lists and upload 3rd party databases
  • Alerts sent within seconds when subject license plate number has been detected
  • Capture data for vehicle at a max speed of 35 mph/55 km/hr
  • Works in day or night condition
  • Includes V5 Systems VMS (Video Management System) for desktops, tablets and Android/iOS phones
  • Software captures image, license plate number, date, time & location
  • Role-based access control
  • High definition history view by date, time, location, complete and partial license plate number
  • Downloadable views
  • Get the convenience of outdoor Wi-Fi, cellular or radio frequency


  • Fast deployment
    • Compact turkey solution
    • Effortless setup
  • Lower expenses
    • No trenching
    • 2-year warranty
  • Increase awareness
    • Receive real-time alerts
    • Less risk exposure
    • Reduce crime
    • Deter criminals


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