OnPower Portable
Battery Unit


  • 100% Self-powered

    • Powered via a proprietary battery and power management system with the option to add bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, directly connect to AC power when available or a combination of both
  • Power Virtually Any Device

    • Designed with customizable inputs and outputs to power IoT devices such as cameras, weather sensors, agricultural sensors, network switches, communication devices, computing platforms, measuring instruments, aeronautical and marine equipment, remote emergency and data aggregation
  • Battery & Power Management

    • Efficient power delivery with advanced battery subsystems
    • Optimized power delivery provides up to 20% longer battery lifecycle compared to lead acid solutions
    • Protection against over-current, over-voltage, under-current, under-voltage, short circuit and leakage
  • Ruggedized Enclosure

    • IP66-rated
    • Protection against solid objects
    • Sealed tight from dust; capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Truly Portable

    • Compact form factor, weighing less than 25 lbs.
    • Can be mounted outdoors on any standard pole

Customizable Operational Time

Choose the operational time that’s right for you. Fully charged unit, running a hardware device of 6 watts without any solar input, will be operational for up to 3 days. This operational time can be extended with the addition of an OnPower Portable Solar and Battery Management Unit, extending the operational time to up to 7 days without any solar input. Runtime may vary based upon final configurations.

Multiple Power Source Options

Get the flexibility of 3 power options. All solutions include a proprietary battery and power management system and can be powered via bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, AC power or a combination of both. When connected to AC power, the battery and power management system acts as backup power when fixed power goes down.


The OnPower Portable Solar & Battery Management Unit generates power through a battery and power management system. It is contained within a lightweight, ruggedized enclosure for outdoor deployments. This advanced device can power 3rd-party hardware devices or be used for backup power.


  • Long Lasting
    • Up to 20% longer battery life over traditional lead acid batteries
  • Fast Deployment
    • Compact turnkey solution
    • Effortless setup
  • Lower Expenses
    • No trenching
    • 2-year warranty included

Unit Configurations Options

Power Capability Capability Operational Runtime Examples
5V @ up to 4.5A 1.5KW Up to 7.5 days drawing 5W
12V @ up to 4A 1.5KW Up to 2 days drawing 29W
24V @ up to 2.5A 1.5KW Up to 2 days drawing 24W
POE 1.5KW Up to 2.5 days drawing POE+
2x POE 1.5KW Up to 2 days drawing 2POE+
5V @ up to 4A + 12V @ up to 2A 1.5KW Up to 3 days drawing 17W
5V @ up to 1.5A + 24V @ up to 1.5A 1.5KW Up to 2 days drawing 29W
5V @ up to 4A + POE 1.5KW Up to 2 days drawing 5W + POE+
2x POE 1.5KW + 1.5 KW Up to 2 days drawing 2POE+
4x POE 1.5KW + 1.5 KW Up to 2 days drawing (2POE+) + (2POE+)


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