Three Leading Edge Product Lines

Be Fast

Quickly deploy smart security solutions in any outdoor environment to secure a perimeter, a remote location, a critical or cost-prohibitive area without being tied to the electrical grid.

Artificial intelligence-driven sensors provide the ability to see, hear, and smell and respond quickly, keeping you safe.

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Be Empowered

Artificial Intelligence-driven computing platform that runs on the edge, without the need for a data center. It enables you to collect, analyze and relay sensor data for immediate alerts, completely wirelessly. Take this self-powered computing platform anywhere. The applications are as limitless as your imagination.

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Be Free

This compact, portable, yet powerful unit can act as the sole power source for any hardware device or extend the operational time of any hardware device in outdoor environments. Perpetual power is delivered via our proprietary solar panels.

Compact form factors that deliver longer-lasting power.

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We look for partners that share our mission to enhance the security and quality of life in all outdoor environments, such as schools, sporting venues, enterprise campuses and downtown areas, making them safer and more secure.