V5 Systems, one of the first IoT partners selected by Dell Technologies, delivers Industrial IoT security applications to save lives

Dell Technologies recognizes V5 Systems’ self-powered, edge computing security applications as market-ready solutions for implementing quick, tangible security solutions via the Dell Gateway to gather and analyze important information in real-time to improve public safety and save lives

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Dell features the release of V5 Systems’ technology as part its Dell Technologies IoT Solutions Partner Program at VMworld 2018, held in Las Vegas from August 26th through August 30th.

Michael Dell discusses the latest technology trends at VMWorld. Program partner, V5 Systems, showcased its market-ready IoT Connected Bundles at the conference.

Michael Dell discusses the latest technology trends at VMWorld. Program partner, V5 Systems, showcased its market-ready IoT Connected Bundles at the conference.


The program brings together a community of technology and service providers to advance Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Dell’s partnership with V5 Systems demonstrates how Industrial IoT technology, powered by the Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series, is saving lives today.

The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series, which aggregates and relays diverse sensor data at the source, can be used to process IIoT data for a multitude of applications, such as Smart City programs and Safe City initiatives.

The Growing Need for Outdoor Security

Attacks on soft targets and critical infrastructure are increasing globally and have made the need for improved, rapidly deployable security systems more critical. In the United States alone,

  • There have been more mass shootings than there are days in a year
  • Of the 12 deadliest shootings in the United States, 6 have happened since 2007

The need for security systems is growing worldwide. As a result, IIoT devices and platforms will be deployed in an ever-greater number of public safety programs. V5 Systems, an award-winning California technology company, brings Dell’s processing power to the outdoors with its self-powered, outdoor edge computing platform. One of the security applications built on this platform is the V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor, which detects, locates and sends real-time alerts to first responders. This solution was instrumental in two shooter cases in Silicon Valley.

A Drive-By Serial Shooter

Detectives from a Bay Area Police Department (PD) were dealing with five drive-by shootings and no suspects. The shooter would target vehicles; the culprit was using a pistol. Police were concerned this would escalate to spree killing. After 10 shootings, no witness was able to identify the shooter or his vehicle.

The PD deployed V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensors with Video, enabling:

  • Wireless, portable, self-powered surveillance access the outdoor areas where the shootings were taking place
  • Detection, localization and real-time alerts of gunfire
  • The deployment of “eyes and ears” in under 30 minutes per unit, without trenching

The detectives were able to relocate the portable units 12 times within one month to tighten the net. The solution captured an image of the suspect’s vehicle moments before he perpetrated one of the shootings then captured the actual drive-by shooting as an audio clip. With this information law enforcement was able to capture the shooter serial.

To learn more about the case, please check out A Modern Detective Story.

Target Practice in the Park

A city park in Campbell, California was being taken over by men who were using trash receptacles for target practice at night.

  • Shell casings found at the scene linked the gun with an attempted homicide in a nearby city
  • The Campbell Police Department needed to apprehend the shooters without placing officers at risk for a violent confrontation
  • The Campbell PD outfitted the park with V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensors with Video (V5 GSL) and V5 License Plate Readers (V5 PSU-LPR) at one-fourth the cost of paying officers to surveil

The shooters were quickly captured, because of real-time evidence from the V5 License Plate Reader (V5 PSU-LPR).

To learn more about the case, please check out Target Practice in the Park.

“As a retired Police Captain, I’ve overseen and implemented a wide variety of techniques to augment good police work. I think this technology represents a sea change, because it provides law enforcement with a powerful tool to strengthen their proactive Public Safety methods. Having just helped the Campbell Police Department in solving a case involving dangerous individuals who were discharging firearms near a community park, I know firsthand that this product can enhance the safety of the community and save lives.” – Loyd Kinsworthy, Retired Law Enforcement Officer now Sales Director, Law Enforcement Division, V5 Systems


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