Bay Area Police Crack Serial Shooter Case with the Help of Portable Gunshot Detection Technology: Defendant Convicted on 26 Counts, Faces up to 54 Years Prison

Fremont, CA, May 21, 2019 –(PR.com)– A Bay Area police department stopped a four-month reign of terror, in which San Jose resident Michael Lewis, 33, is convicted of shooting at drivers in moving cars along a Silicon Valley freeway, injuring several victims and raising public safety concerns. Shooting from his Dodge Charger, Lewis was considered highly mobile; police needed to create an effective dragnet over a wide target area.

Michael Lewis in court on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016.

“This is a frightening case of gun violence. Mr. Lewis used lethal force time and again to attack many innocent people,” Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney, Marina Mankaryous said. [1]

All shootings occurred after midnight on a long stretch of curving roadway. “The area lacked video surveillance cameras that could have captured the incidents. There was no practical way to quickly add surveillance in those locations as they didn’t have easy access to fixed power or connectivity. Trenching to add power and connectivity could have taken months to acquire the permits and would have been cost-prohibitive. Police urgently needed a force multiplier to resolve this public security concern before the severity of the shootings escalated.” – Loyd Kinsworthy, Retired Law Enforcement Commander and current Sales Director, Law Enforcement Division, V5 Systems.

A Local High-tech Company Provides the First Break in the Case

V5 Systems, a technology company based in Fremont, California, furnished law enforcement with self-powered, portable gunshot detection (GSL) and video surveillance units that ultimately provided the first break in the cases and helped police bring a definitive end to Lewis’ violent assaults:

  • Multi-sensor Technology Approach: The OnSight™ Portable Surveillance Units and OnSound™ Acoustic Gunshot Detection, which capture both sight and sound, were deployed together as a multi-sensor technology approach to increase the quality and types of information collected as well as to provide forensic evidence.
  • Portable and Quickly Deployable: The units, solar-powered and weighing approximately 25 pounds each, were highly portable, allowing the department to reposition them 12 times within one month, tightening the net on the suspect.
  • Real-Time Alerts: The solution could relay live video and gunshot localization information that it captured directly to smart devices, enabling police to respond in real-time.

Police were able to identify the suspect vehicle with V5 Systems technology, leading to the capture of Lewis. Lewis was arrested on August 14, 2016, at approximately 2:30 AM after a 7-mile, high-speed pursuit. When officers searched his home, they located ammunition and a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol that was later linked to five of the shootings.

“As a retired Police Captain, I’ve overseen and implemented a vast range of techniques to supplement good police work. I think this technology represents a sea change, because it places the emphasis on proactive Public Safety initiatives. Having just helped Campbell Police Department in solving a case involving an ex-con park shooter with this technology as well, I know firsthand that this solution can save lives.” – Loyd Kinsworthy

On April 22, 2019, nearly three years to the day that Lewis shot at the first of eleven victims, a jury convicted him on 26 counts. Lewis faces up to 54 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for June 7th.

“In one case, the bullet passed through the driver’s door and struck the victim in the arm. We are all fortunate that no one was killed,” said Santa Clara’s Deputy District Attorney, Alexandra Ellis. [2]

To learn more about the case, check out the read full case study here: Bay Area Police Captures Moving Serial Shooter

About V5 Systems:

V5 Systems is a California-based technology company that provides leading-edge portable, wireless, self-powered outdoor computing and security solutions for Industrial IoT applications. They deliver turnkey video surveillance and gunshot detection solutions that can be deployed in under 30 minutes, while the computing platform itself can act as a host for 3rd party hardware and software integration. These solutions utilize a proprietary power management system which eliminate the need for fixed power and hard-wired communications. V5 Systems develops and optimizes all software and AI analytics to run at the edge, which is instrumental to delivering real-time information to its users. Working with state, local government, education and private enterprises V5 Systems is delivering the next generation of Industrial IoT security and computing solutions to the outdoors.


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