Pain Points of Motion-based Alerts

Pain Points of Motion-based Alerts
Jan 25, 2018

The bulk of actively managed surveillance monitoring solutions are reliant on motion based triggers. Traditional surveillance models set up an integrated command center commonly referred to as a Network Operations Center (NOC).  In many cases, human resources are scarce, requiring the NOC to be totally reliant on their ability to actively manage multiple input feeds.  In order to alleviate some of the constraint NOC Operators face, they rely on motion-based triggers to capture their attention.  Motion based triggers have the tendency to activate from an event as minor as the wind blowing the branches in a tree.  These false alarms, unintentionally train the NOC Operator to ignore triggers, through muscle memory.  This presents a significant problem for security operators.  V5 technology virtually eliminates this unintended consequence brought on by the traditional security surveillance model.  V5 Systems solutions are smart and have the ability to run analytics on the edge (on the device itself) in real-time.  Real-time transfer of information is the difference between being able to respond proactively to a situation as opposed to being reactive and responding after the fact.


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