How to Tradeshow: Optimize Your ISC West Experience

How to Tradeshow: Optimize Your ISC West Experience
Mar 20, 2019

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video above, here’s a handy summary for game-day reference!

ISC West, the pinnacle of security technology conferences, only seems to be growing bigger and bigger – more attendees, more activities, more floor space. While that presents a great opportunity for industry professionals, it also means that one has more things to see and do in less time.

Enter Andrew Ho. Ho, Director of Channel Partnerships at V5 Systems, shares his tradeshow optimization philosophy to make your show experience effective, manageable and pleasant.

Here are some of Ho’s key takeaways to get the most out of ISC West 2019.

Preparation is King

As much as possible, schedule meetings ahead of the show. Dance cards get filled rapidly. By doing your research and outreach ahead of time, snag face-to-face time and build strategic relationships that will outlast the conference.

Understand your messaging and practice an elevator pitch – distill the key points of what you want to convey to any given customer, so you’re not caught flat-footed or long-winded the day of.

Comfortable Shoes and Portable Snacks

Make sure you’re adequately rested, so your natural exuberance can shine; you’ll discover a greater recall capacity for details and pesky names and faces from conferences past.  

You’ll also be on the floor all day, walking or vigorously engaged. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and grab a banana – a convenient, unfussy snack.

Be Smart about Artificial Intelligence

According to Ho, AI is the technology to watch, and the show is sure to feature hundreds of AI-centric solutions. Do some homework ahead of the show to have a baseline understanding of the tech. Thus, when confronted with AI, you can engage meaningfully and ask thoughtful questions.

Need Security in the Outdoors? Visit Us!

This year, V5 Systems will be showcasing the OnSight Portable License Plate Reader, OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection and the OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit.

While LPR is a critical tool for law enforcement, usage has been limited to low-speed zones such as parking garages and city intersections, where infrastructure can support power and connectivity.

The OnSight Portable LPR enables you to deploy an end-to-end solution anywhere in a matter of minutes because our solution is completely portable, covert and provides information-rich video streaming in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence is this year’s hot topic, and the OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection system is providing security professionals and Law Enforcement the first-ever wireless, portable device to localize gunfire. Cost-effective, highly accurate and rapidly deployable, this unit is coupled with live video to enhance real-time situational awareness and capture forensic evidence.

To learn more about how AI-driven acoustic gunshot detection is helping curb gun violence, please watch Dr. Will Hedgecock’s explanation

Our flagship solution and perennial favorite, the OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit is a foundational component of any outdoor security strategy. With AI-driven Video Analytics, this solution sends real-time surveillance notifications, enhances situational awareness and acts as a force multiplier, continuously updated for optimized performance.     

Have Fun

Ho will be spending some of his downtime at Vegas’ world famous craps tables, with his dry martini shaken, not stirred. What about you?

For his complete list of tips, check out his video interview above!


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