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Self-powered outdoor security for Oil & Gas has never been faster

“Employees quickly found out that it’s making their jobs easier. Now if there’s a security concern, they can just get on their app and say, my site’s intact.”

– Kris Greiner, Vice President of Solbreez Security Solutions

Vital Oil & Gas infrastructure
is often remote and vulnerable

The hundreds of thousands of miles of piped fuel that keeps industries churning, homes warm and global diplomacy buoyant is often contingent on transnational infrastructure. However, legacy systems and sheer size can be challenging to monitor and manage. Breakdowns along the line, resulting in environmental disasters, as well as physical attacks and destruction are major concerns. Sending manned security patrols to monitor in remote areas and extreme conditions places personnel at risk, racks up millions of dollars in costs and is often unreliable.

Organizations within the Oil & Gas sector face three major physical security and surveillance challenges today:

  • Remote substation and long-distance pipeline locations

  • Vulnerable open spaces that are easy targets for vandalism, physical destruction and theft

  • Many areas without power or communications infrastructure for remote monitoring

Security vulnerabilities, challenges and costs can cause huge headaches for decision-makers charged with protecting vital remote assets and facilities – until now.

V5 Systems’ portable, self-powered security and edge analytics platform gives you intelligent insights today.

Quickly Add or Expand Security
with an Innovative Approach

Quick and Easy
Perimeter Security

V5 Systems’

Quickly deployable with no interruption to operation

Fast — deploys in under
30 minutes per unit

Easy to expand surveillance coverage

Turnkey devices weighing less than 25 pounds with onboard solar and battery management system

Mobile access to real-time alerts for rapid response

Analytics on the edge (on the device itself) generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

Budget-friendly and modular to allow for incremental improvements

Re-deployable and reliable, with built-in scalability


A key piece of national infrastructure, a long distance pipeline, funnels a significant percentage of a country’s fuel in the Western Hemisphere. However, much of the pipeline runs through inhospitable and uninhabited terrain, with extreme temperatures and unprotected above-ground segments.

  • Problem:
    Hundreds of miles of exposed pipeline with limited accessibility

    Experiencing daily security issues including eco-terrorism threats to substations and pipelines

    Paying $200K a day for physical security guards

    Difficult and inhospitable terrain

    High temperature fluctuation

  • Solution:
    Surveillance platforms that were deployed in under 30 minutes per unit.

    OnSight+ Portable Surveillance Units with video analytics to detect objects of interest and send real-time alerts

    They setup completely off-grid units in areas without power and connected others where fixed AC power was available, enabling these units to work even if the power for whatever reason goes down

  • Result:
    The ROI Case

    Saved $60M in the first year without the need for physical security guards

    Real-time visibility over an entire pipeline system, with accessible data

    Zero incidents of vandalism post-deployment

    A secured and controlled system to spur economic growth

Quick, Intelligent Security Built for the Extremes

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Instant Cost Savings

1 mile of video coverage with analytics


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