December 2018


   What Matters Most: A Holiday Message   

It’s been a year of exciting growth and technological developments. Steve Yung, CEO, and Mazin Bedwan, President, discuss the top 5 things that have been fundamental to V5 Systems this year. 

But it’s not just the engineering, the awards or the growth of  the IIoT. Find out what matters most and stay tuned to the end for a surprise announcement!

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Nab The Bad Guys, Nab The Award: 2018 IoT Integration Award Winner 
Early Christmas gift, and we couldn’t be happier! V5 Systems won the 2018 IoT Integration Award! This reaffirms that the secret sauce is our core platform, which brings intelligent computing power to the outdoors. According to Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief, Sales Security & Integration Magazine, “This unique product is not only easy to deploy and effective, but also offers integrators a golden expansion opportunity into a growing segment of the industry.”

Who You Gonna Call?Trashbusters! 
It wafts, it lingers – the scent of garbage makes for an unpleasant neighborhood stroll. When a Silicon Valley city asked long-time service provider Jess Rodriguez, President of Security Alarm Systems, for help solving its million-dollar-a-year illegal dumping nightmare, he turned to a portable surveillance solution that had been used to…track Oil & Gas pipeline deployments and monitor flood waters! Find out how Rodriguez took advantage of a multipurpose security solution when trash missed the bin. 

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