July 2019


V5er Profile: Diapers Drive Security Tech?!

Babies, with their chubby cheeks, can change lives and perspectives, and Saeed Arash Far, Vice President of Hardware Engineering at V5 Systems and new father, can tell you that life is never the same. 

Arash Far, who, with his wife, welcomed their son Darius into the world last November, has noticed his attitude towards public safety and security technology subtly shifting. When he designs new features for the next generation of V5 Systems’ solar-powered security units, he admits to actively thinking about the type of world he would like Darius to grow up in. Learn how Arash Far is future-prepping V5 Systems technology today for the world he wants for Darius tomorrow!


With three generations of Italian-American charm, values and exceptional customer service, the Calderone family business, Illinois Alarm Service, has been outfitting Chicago enterprises and homes with security alarm systems for decades.

But when a large client was facing a million dollars in property theft from its remote storage lots, Illinois Alarm could not address the problem through traditional security means. The Calderones decided to go off-grid and high-tech.

Find out how Illinois Alarm is using timeless values and new solar-powered solutions to intelligently solve their customers’ security pain points and capture new business. 

Shots shattered the evening quiet that typically characterizes Campbell, California, a small town known for its friendly golden retrievers and families.

The Campbell Police Department, with its limited manpower and budget, needed to solve a series of nighttime shootings in a business complex and fast before somebody got hurt. Raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Captain Joe Cefalu decided it was time to leverage technology to get his officers the force multiplier they needed.

Learn how Campbell police stopped two ex-felons who were using the town for target practice. 

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