August 2018

Target Practice in the Park

Bang! And just like that, a dumpster in tranquil Campbell, California park was riddled with bullets from a gun connected to an attempted murder. Campbell Police Department, a small but tech-savvy force lead by Captain Joe Cefalu, needed to act fast and on a budget to catch the shooter before the violence could escalate. Cefalu turned to a self-powered, smart security rental solution that would keep his officers safer and in strategic control; each unit was deployed in under 30 minutes. And then, inexplicably, the shooter disappeared. Until Cefalu got the text: shots fired again! 

Physical Security: Join the 21st Century

Data can be backed up; human beings cannot. For high-tech businesses tasked with protecting employees and property, keeping security current can be a challenge with legacy systems, the reason most have outdated security technology. But in an age when cloud computing is changing nearly every other aspect of how business is done, physical security is now a service that can be continually updated and kept cutting edge.

What is the benefit of updating security?
A. No dedicated staff needed and therefore easily scalable
B. Centralized reporting with SMS, email notification, and automatic data backups
C. Real-time access from iOS or Android devices for first-responders


Our men and women in blue work hard to keep us safe by keeping pace with the bad guys. What if there were a way to stay two steps ahead via quick-to-deploy smart technology? And what if PDs could avoid the lengthy budgeting process in the process?  Along with a revamped homepage to help you navigate our new offerings, we are excited to announce that we now have a dedicated and information-rich resource for law enforcement, giving them the latest tech and trend updates. Need the units right away? In addition to purchasing, find out about our new subscription and rental services, letting PDs do same-day deployments without heavy upfront costs. Need to catch a serial shooter? We got you.  

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