May 2019


Soldiers in Silicon Valley: Do Military Values Gel With Security Tech?

Do military values have a place in the legendarily casual ambiance of tech hubs like the Silicon Valley and Austin? What could security technologists and combat forces possibly have in common?

According to Fran Harvey, 19th US Secretary of the Army, and Major General Rob Ostenberg, US Army (Retired), more than you’d suspect. Close friends and veterans of both the military and business worlds, Harvey and Ostenberg share how your principles ultimately make or break the unit, whether it’s in the battlefield or boardroom. 

Find out how V5 Systems and CEO Steve Yung garnered the attention of our distinguished strategic military advisors.   


How Innovative Tech Helps Heroes 

“One of my first missions in combat, I was introduced to a sniper. The first thing you hear before you hear the gunshot is a pop as the bullet breaks the sound barrier […] Now, that detection has gone from human to the OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection and that is invaluable in terms of reaction time.”

A V5 Systems Strategic Military Advisor, decorated Major General Rob Ostenberg, US Army (Retired), addresses adapting security standards for a modern military force. To learn more about Ostenberg, please watch Soldiers in Silicon Valley: Do Military Values Gel With Security Tech?

In March 2018, a gunman furious at being booted from a program for veterans with PTSD walked onto the sprawling campus of Veterans Home of California, one of the largest veterans’ facilities in the country. During a going-away party for two employees, he took a psychologist and two executives hostage, and eventually took their lives.

Workplace violence is the third leading cause of death for healthcare workers, but it can strike in any industry. Learn what you can do to forestall potential perpetrators. 

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