August 2019


Small PD vs International Crime Ring? Bring It On!

When an international crime ring faced off against Los Gatos Police Department, a small but savvy police force of a quaint California town, Detective Harold Hoyt of LGPD was determined to keep his scenic town safe. 

Much of the new crime, spurred by rising inequality, is transnational in nature, with an organized operation that sold or ‘fenced’ stolen laptops and small electronic devices in Southeast Asia. 

Detective Hoyt leveraged the technology DNA of Silicon Valley and deployed smart, portable tech to protect his city from the bad guys. 

The latest in emergency management science finds that leveraging communities, social networks, protocols, subscription services and new technologies together is the most effective way to head off or deal with a catastrophic event. 

But as anyone with a say in an enterprise’s or city’s budget will tell you, technology purchases that tie together emergency management efforts can seem expensive, time-consuming and of low-priority. Not if the technology were immediately affordable and simple to roll-out.  

Life-saving tech can prevent disaster, be affordable, and is enhanced when data, people, and services are melded together in one cogent strategy. Find out how! 

For many aspects of our lives, we rely increasingly on subscription-based services because, when you’re hungry, you want a hot, satisfying, expertly made sandwich with all the toppings delivered to your desk, stat. You definitely do not crave the soggy tuna you may or may not have packed nor can you afford the live-in chef.

The best subscription services offer convenience and premium features at an affordable price with no ramp-up time.

Security should be no different, and turnkey, reliable security is available for savvy customers starting at just $299-a-month. For a low, easy-to-budget monthly fee, learn how you can access the best-in-class security technology for the outdoors.

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