September 2018


Shots Fired … Again! 

A peaceful neighborhood at risk. What does it take to stop shooters using a park for target practice? 

As it turns out, good old detective work and rapidly deployable surveillance with analytics technology. Read more for a behind-the-scenes on how Captain Joe Cefalu and the Campbell Police Department captured two felons implicated in several Silicon Valley cities.

Moving Forward: A Public Transportation Conversation

“Ladies and gentlemen, the train door will not close. Apologies but this train is now out of service.” 

The leading causes for public transit delays and breakdowns are unsurprising – system age and vandalism, which accounts for a whopping 40%. Trains parked in unsecured yards overnight are often physically damaged, to the point that fewer trains are available to travel the same routes or entire routes are temporarily out of commission. This results in millions of hours of lost productivity and tons of car pollution that municipalities have to contend with.

Find out how efficient, smart public transportation is tied to increased quality of life. 


What does it take to scale great technology to the masses? V5 Systems and Oracle Cloud partnered up to demonstrate just that. 

As V5 Systems’ sales grew from tens of units per customer to literally thousands, its bandwidth for managing these solutions was pushed to the brink. 

“Anything that slows us down needs to be put into the cloud,” Ozhen Minashy, Senior Director of Project Management, says. “That’s where Oracle comes in. We can store more data, process more data, and do it all for a lot less cost.” 

V5 Systems has the life-saving tech. Like any effective crisis response, the question is – how fast can we scale it? 

Going Global

V5 Systems is now boosting its international sales presence with Synnex in a coordinated way to a largely untapped global market. Through Synnex, we can now sell and support our industrial IoT solutions around the world. 


Autumn is officially here, so it’s time to bundle up as they say! V5 Systems was one of Dell’s first IoT partners, and Dell is shaking up the IoT world with “bundles” of V5 Systems solutions. Customers can bundle up with a simple menu of applications. 

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