June 2019


On-demand TV. On-demand Public Safety?


Retired Police Captain Loyd Kinsworthy knows a little something about PD budgets – after 25 years at the San Jose Police Department, he knows it can be challenging to allocate funds quickly when urgent security needs arise.

Learn how your peers are implementing turnkey public safety, overcoming the challenges of budget constraints and the demands of specialized technical know-how. In this webinar with Roland DuCote, GTM Director of Arrow Electronics’ IoT Global Solutions Group and Morgan Wright, Senior Fellow at the Center for Digital Government, Kinsworthy explores how public entities are eliminating IT hassles, slashing implementation times and costs through “public safety-as-a-service”. 


Learn How Physical Security Can Ensure Cyber Security

C’est Montreal, home of maple syrup, poutine and…IoT Influencers! Last week, CEO Steve Yung spoke at the McRock IIoT Symposium at the Montreal Science Center in Quebec, Canada. Yung, along with fellow experts in the field such as Neal Kohl, Director of IoT Strategy at Dell Technologies, a V5 Systems partner, discussed the growing nexus of the cyber and physical worlds. The Symposium, hosted by McRock Capital, covered diverse topics from the Digital Farm to influencers and even featured a podcaster.

After a terrorizing saga, residents and victims in a South Bay city in California can finally breathe easy. A Bay Area police department stopped a four-month reign of terror, in which San Jose resident Michael Lewis, 33, is convicted of shooting at drivers in moving cars along a Silicon Valley freeway, injuring several victims and raising public safety concerns. Shooting from his Dodge Charger, Lewis was considered highly mobile, and police needed to create an effective dragnet over a wide target area. Find out how V5 Systems helped to keep a community safe.

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