April 2019


Mazin Bedwan’s Take on ISC West 2019

Mazin Bedwan, President of V5 Systems, sees a rapid shift in the security paradigm that academics and journalists have anticipated for years – the urgent need for physical security in the outdoors. With accelerating climate change and global political upheaval, the outdoors is more vulnerable than ever, and this year, ISC West woke up to acknowledge this stark reality with a plethora of outdoors-focused speakers, vendors and customers. 

However, Bedwan believes there’s a real opportunity to take back our safety and transform how we interact in outdoor environments through technology and policy. To hear his ISC West 2019 takeaways on a smarter future, click on this video.


For police, the pressure has never been higher  the pressure to prevent crime, conclude investigations quickly and accurately, and maintain utmost transparency with the community. Constituents expect speed and instantaneous accountability, but traditional police work has often been an after-the-fact process. 

However, that’s changing, rapidly. Traditional law enforcement technology, like License Plate Reading (LPR), is getting a serious, portable upgrade.

Imagine this: Suppose you want to protect your campus, parking lot or public space with cameras or sensors mounted overhead. The perfect vantage point would be atop utility poles. They give you elevation and usually provide access to electric power. The dull-as-dishwater problem? How do you gain access to poles that don’t belong to you?

And if you can get access to the pole, does that mean you can draw power from it? We asked these questions and more, so you don’t have to! 

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