February 2019

How Daniel Hughes Tackles the Outdoors: A Deployment Engineer’s Life on the Road


Daniel Hughes, diehard Colts fan and V5 Systems deployment engineer, is unfazed by new locales. In his role supporting customers across the country, Hughes has accumulated miles, friends and food galore. What’s so great about Omaha, you ask? A lot, apparently. 
Hughes shares travel-hacks and the ethos of the road he’s picked up helping customers create outdoor safety. He has quite a few tales of derring-do, including that one about the twister, the thunderstorm and the last unit of the night! Find out why customers love him! 

That sinking feeling when the sink backs up. It’s a frustrating hassle no one enjoys, and on a massive, city-sized scale, it’s a catastrophe. Jay Lee, a Field Construction Supervisor for the Santa Clara Valley Water District, responsible for the County’s many waterways, unclogs debris and monitors sites in order to limit the effects of urban flooding, which place communities at extreme risk, especially the most vulnerable. For Lee, historic weather events in the Silicon Valley have made finding a sustainable solution — where employees, the public and the county’s homeless have ample warning — a matter of urgency.
Video surveillance is a powerful tool when leveraged effectively. When two teenagers assaulted Sahib Singh Natt, an elderly resident of the City of Manteca, neighborhood video surveillance cameras captured the incident; within three days of police sharing the footage on social media, the assailants were identified and charged, prompting Manteca to invest in its own surveillance system. Surveillance can crack a crime and provide critical forensic evidence in court, but misperceptions exist about the ease of use. So how does law enforcement make surveillance work for it and not the other way around? 

Partner Oracle Supports V5 Systems in Scaling Customer Safety

Crime moves fast, and it can be hard to keep up. Now, you can rapidly scale your security and IoT technology in the outdoors, combatting crime efficiently. V5 Systems uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to store and analyze data from its solar-powered, outdoor security solutions. The Cloud’s scalability allows V5 Systems to deploy and quickly expand security technology while customers receive evidentiary data cost-effectively. Steve Yung, CEO of V5 Systems, states, “For Oracle to partner with us demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges facing outdoor safety and confidence in how our company is addressing these challenges head on.”

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