November 2019

From SWAT team to Silicon Valley, Jeff Smith uses Tech to Save Lives

Myth: All cops love donuts with their coffee.
Fact: After 31 years in law enforcement and as a Special Ops Division Captain managing 400 souls, Jeff Smith will take savory chips with his beer, thank you very much.

Smith, VP of Global Security and Multi-sensor Secure Operations Center (MSOC), joined V5 Systems mere months after first hearing about what the brand new company was trying to accomplish. He has built a reputation for sterling work ethic and a deep-rooted sense of responsibility for his community. Having honed these qualities over a lifetime of service, he has brought this ethos with him to V5 Systems, where he believes the technology is a game-changer for public safety.

This Thanksgiving week, Smith shares his transition from cop to corporate, his philosophy on stakeholders, his take on the potential of GSL technology to stem the tide of gun violence and the importance of future-proofing police work.  

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Reading by Candlelight, So Last Millennium

The power grid is more vulnerable than ever before. Ask any Californian and chances are they lost their power this year or know someone who did.

What happens when threats in the outdoors are met by a lack of power? When security systems, like surveillance cameras, go down, the outdoors — commercial areas like retail plazas and our children’s parks — are exposed and the risk of harm heightened.

With the outdoors at risk, what can we do? 

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Dr. Will Hedgecock, AI Expert, on What It Will Take to Solve Gun Violence.

Dr. Will Hedgecock, PhD, has spent his academic career researching distributed sensor networks. An expert in high-accuracy localization, he explores how AI and localization can help stem the gun violence that afflicts our schools and public spaces.

As Director of Engineering at V5 Systems, he considers how his work could positively change the narrative for public safety everywhere. 

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