October 2018


Energy Insecurity Affects Us All

Hundreds of thousands of miles of piped fuel keep industries churning and homes warm around the world. Until they don’t. The energy industry faces three security challenges that place our entire emergency infrastructure and, therefore, our hospitals, public services and transportation at risk.

  • Attacks and physical destruction, such as by terrorists or extreme weather
  • Oil leaks that cause environmental hazards 
  • Remote and inaccessible pipeline locations that are difficult to monitor

When an Oil & Gas company was faced with vandalism across multiple states, it needed to deploy security rapidly. With V5 Systems portable solutions, learn how systems integrator Kris Greiner of Solbreez Security Solutions secured hundreds of vital sites in less than four months . This bolstered safety for personnel, reduced environmental risk significantly, and saved the company $70 million annually.

Can Conference Security Bolster a City’s Economy?

Hosting Oracle OpenWorld 2018, San Francisco’s Moscone Center is nearing completion of a $500-million upgrade that will add half-a-million square feet of contiguous meeting space. Nationwide, other cities are doing the same in a ferocious competition to attract business and tourism dollars. But acres of shiny new floor-space, blazing-fast Wi-Fi and luxury lodgings won’t mean much if attendees feel unsafe at convention facilities, most of which are located in the heart of major urban centers. Read how an unconventional approach is putting San Francisco ahead of the pack.

Award #17 – But Who’s Counting? 😉

It’s official! The V5 Acoustic Gunshot Detection with Video Sensor (V5 GSL) was awarded the Security Sales Integrator 2018 Award. Another win for our self-powered, multi-sensor technology, and our 17th award to date! Please read here to learn about how a City PD caught a serial shooter in his tracks by redeploying the V5 GSL 12 times in a month! 

  Former Secretary of the Army, Judge, and Management Expert Join V5 Advisory Board  

Joining the V5 Advisory Board as a Strategic Military Advisor, Dr. Francis J. Harvey, PhD. (Metallurgy and Material Science, UPenn), who served as the 19th Secretary of the US Army from 2004 to 2007, was responsible for over a million service members during his tenure. Similarly, Paul Schwarz, US Army Judge Advocate General (Retired), has multiple feathers in his cap, with deep experience working in the Pentagon on highly classified matters like war policy and expertise in contracts, politics and strategy. Dr. Harvey and Judge Schwarz will be guiding V5 Systems though the military procurement process, as well as advising the product team on innovations the military needs today. Melvin Honda, CLU ChFC, is a wealth management expert as well as an influential
advocate in the Silicon Valley. With his military background and vast professional network, Mel is critical to building bridges with schools, law enforcement, municipalities and transportation authorities. V5 Systems welcomes to their expertise and support, and they join a stellar cast of innovators and influencers. To learn more about the Board, please read their detailed bios.

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