January 2019


Deploying Outdoor Security Faster Than Ordering Pizza? 
It’s Bettin’ Time!

Does deploying portable, self-powered security to the outdoors really take 30 minutes or less per unit?

To find out, veteran foodie Nilesh Murali challenges deployment expert Ryan Westphal to see if his pizza order will be delivered faster than Ryan deploys an OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit. Why, you ask? Because no one likes cold pizza. Watch to learn whether you can have your pizza and eat it too!


In 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeast, knocking out power for 9 million people, including critical infrastructure like communications and security. 
It doesn’t take a hurricane to know that the Outdoors is an increasingly fraught place. Two macro-trends suggest why the world outside walls is more vulnerable than ever and what changes need to be made to take back the outdoors. What can we do to secure the outdoors? Read on. 
Whether he’s pursuing Libyan state-sponsored terrorists or protecting IP in foreign markets, Paul Schwarz, who recently joined V5 Systems as a strategic military adviser, knows about going up against incumbents. Having worn many hats at the Pentagon and in a long legal and business career, Schwarz is an expert in asymmetric warfare with terrorists and strategic risk; in Corporate Judo 101, Schwarz explains how to turn patents into a tactical advantage. 

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