September 2019


Chief Secures College With Two Different Campus Terrains

Hailing from San Jose, Police Chief Jeff Marozick has taken on the public safety challenge for two very different campuses of College of Marin: one nestled between picturesque suburbs and shopping malls, the other 15 miles away surrounded by forests and overrun by wild turkeys. 

From geographies to the types of security issues each campus presents, they are as different as could be. However, both face varying challenges of powering security in the outdoors because of restricted access to infrastructure. For Chief Marozick and his dedicated force, bolstering security was non-negotiable, so he looked to his Silicon Valley roots for a potential solution. Find out how he addressed two vastly different terrains with a single technology. 

We think of gun violence as the five minutes of a killer’s rampage, without considering the before and after. Amidst waves of mass shootings, technology has the potential to help first responders and investigators reduce the violence. However, existing technologies that have focused solely on gunshot detection, during a shooting event, may not go far enough to equip law enforcement with the tools to decrease gun violence. But, can a new Gun Violence Mitigation approach help rapidly turn the tide? 

You may use a distributed or edge network every day without realizing it. If you’ve ever logged into a social media site, you’ve been part of a distributed network, a system that employs multiple contact points (like social media users) to aggregate data. These contact points can be equipped with multiple sensors in the real-world (i.e. video, acoustic, chemical) and, in turn, help law enforcement crack vexing cases in record time. Read how municipalities are starting to benefit from investing heavily at the edge! 

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