March 2019


A Different Approach to Addressing Gun Violence

Dr. Will Hedgecock, AI Expert, Explains How Smart Sensors Can Drastically Reduce Crime 

Did you know that although violent crime has dropped over the last 20 years, gun deaths have spiked? Sadly, this has been most visible in traditionally sacrosanct areas, like schools. Dr. Will Hedgecock, PhD, has spent the majority of his academic career researching distributed and wireless sensor networks. Hedgecock, an expert in high-accuracy localization techniques (the type used to determine with centimeter-precision where a mouse is on the earth’s surface), describes how advances in Artificial Intelligence and localization combined with other technology may help turn the tide of gun violence.

He now serves as Director of Engineering at V5 Systems and muses deeply about how his work could positively impact this trend. Click on the video above to learn how this technology can reduce crime in your community, like it did in Campbell, CA, where two felons shooting up a neighborhood park were captured.


ISC West, the pinnacle of security technology conferences, only seems to be growing bigger and bigger – more attendees, more activities, more floor space. While that presents a great opportunity for industry professionals, it also means that one has more things to see and do in less time.

Andrew Ho, Director of Channel Partnerships at V5 Systems and veteran conference attendee, shares his tradeshow optimization philosophy to make your show experience effective, manageable and pleasant.

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No doubt you are concerned about cyber-security; but in our completely justified worry about malware, encryption, passwords and all the complexities of cyberspace, we’re not thinking enough about something basic: the physical security of data in actual space. 

With physical access, hackers can do extensive damage: They can install key-loggers to monitor every keystroke, steal or wipe sensitive data stored on your hard-drive and turn even offline computers into their playground. If your cyber-data isn’t physically secured, your cyber-security precautions are futile. That’s the bad news. The good news? Read on! 

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