Military Strength is Proactive

Protecting Our Assets, Human and Strategic, with Self-Powered Surveillance and Gunshot Detection

“One of my first missions in combat, I was introduced to a sniper. The first thing you hear before you hear the gunshot is a pop as the bullet breaks the sound barrier […] So now that detection has gone from human to [OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection] and that is invaluable in terms of reaction time.”

– Major General Rob Ostenberg (US Army, Retired)

Your Perimeter is Costing
You Resources and Readiness

Perimeter security is resource-intensive. Whether it’s an airfield in Kandahar or a training depot in Virginia, not all areas have access to fixed power or communications to add surveillance, gunshot detection or other security technology. What if you could expand your security to your perimeter and beyond while saving resources and reducing the risk to soldiers? V5 Systems’ outdoor, self-powered units don’t require fixed power or sleep and can be deployed in under 30 minutes per unit.

  • Asset protection is critical and difficult, and the legacy solution has been vulnerable, manned security

  • Staying mission-ready requires rapid, reliable intel to make those quick decisions that save lives and assets

  • Reducing risk to soldiers, who defend the values we cherish, and our installations needs a turnkey solution so our military can focus on what matters

As your first line of security, our solutions can cover more area more effectively. Free yourself from the limitations of fixed power, connectivity, and form factor. With V5 Systems, make your perimeter work for you and not the other way around. With our US-based customer support and American engineering, we believe in providing versatile and affordable security and technology solutions that prove their ROI on Day 1.

Military Strength Requires
Military-Grade Intelligence

You Need A Turnkey Operation

The V5 Systems Way

Quickly deployable with no interruption to base operations

Fast, deploys in under 30 minutes per unit

Easy-to-expand security and sensor coverage

Turnkey devices weighing less than 25 pounds with rugged onboard solar and battery management system

Mobile access to real-time alerts for rapid response

Analytics on the edge (on the device itself) generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

CASE STUDY: Military Security, Military Strength

A domestic naval base needs turnkey perimeter defense so it can focus on protecting a vital city.


A base in an urban area with valuable targets

A large, domestic naval base in a densely populated coastal city in California needed added protection for sensitive assets. Military sentries patrol large, loosely-secured staging areas in shifts. With acres to watch, it was difficult to protect the entire perimeter.


Trainable surveillance and detection platforms that can be deployed in under 30 minutes

OnSight Portable Surveillance Units, for independence from expensive trenching, real-time alerts and forensic capabilities

OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection, for accurate, AI-driven gunshot detection and localization, with the ability to send notifications in under three seconds


The ROI Case

Real-time visibility over an entire perimeter and beyond, with accessible data

Ability to reduce human monitoring to increase troop safety and redeploy soldiers more effectively

Secured and controlled system to better defend installations

Instant Cost Savings

Situational Awareness Coverage per square mile


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Traditional Video
Surveillance Solution




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