Crime Doesn’t Stand Still.

It Moves.


“Portability saves money and also gives you the flexibility to move things around. In the world of ‘hotspot policing,’ you put your resources where the most problems are. This acts as a force multiplier, saving on personnel, while still providing the eyes and ability to follow-up on events after they’ve occurred.”

– James Randol, Former Police Captain

comes with unique challenges

Violent criminal activity on the street saps a community’s vitality, and it is growing increasingly sophisticated and mobile. With surveillance technology bound to fixed power and connectivity, how do you police crime that is constantly moving and can span multiple jurisdictions?

For investigators, safeguarding your community comes with a unique set of challenges. Even with the best available traditional tools, you:

  • Can only be at one place at one time.

  • Are stretched to cover more areas than you have officers.

  • Can only respond to available and often sparse information.

Whether it is rapidly responding to an active shooter or theft prevention, you need a solution that moves when crime moves – inherently adaptable and intelligent. You need a force multiplier so that you can do what you do best – protecting and defending those who count on you. Now, in a matter of minutes, you can deploy that second pair of eyes and ears in the hardest-to-police areas – the outdoors where there is often not a fixed source of electrical power.

Rapidly combat criminal activity
with an innovative approach

What You Need to Quickly
Secure Outdoors Areas

The V5 Systems

Portable, self-powered units that
are quick to deploy

Quickly deploy security solutions
in under 30 minutes per unit

Tech that is user-friendly and mobile

Analytics at the edge generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

Easy-to-expand security coverage for special events

Turnkey, light-weight devices with onboard solar and battery power management

Evidence to put offenders away

Downloadable HD video and gunshot detection audio

You make countless, split-second risk assessments every day to be there for your community. We believe in providing versatile and affordable security solutions for the communities you protect. Crime doesn’t sleep. Now, neither do you.

Nabbing a Serial Shooter

A serial shooter’s four-month reign of terror in California’s Bay Area came to an end last summer; in 10 drive-by shootings, several victims were wounded, and residents were terrified.


Highly mobile serial shooter

Serial shooter operating over a long time-span and large area

Escalating violence with potential for fatalities


Self-powered and portable gunshot detection

OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection, a portable and trainable gunshot detection system that accurately and rapidly identifies gunfire

Multiple units repositioned 12 times in one month, a near impossibility with traditional systems


Capturing a dangerous criminal

With a fraction of the manpower, local law enforcement captured the suspect and prevented a violent escalation that could have resulted in fatalities.

Read full case study here


At the heart of California’s busiest public traffic corridor, Hayward’s downtown just completed a total makeover, a transformation effort hindered by rampant crime.


A downtown plagued by street crime

High-traffic corridor with lots of petty crime including vandalism, theft and drugs

Transportation system nearby enabling easy escape

Could not access a permit trench for power and communications in the area


Self-powered and portable video surveillance

OnSight Portable Surveillance Units, chosen for independence from expensive trenching

Redeployable self-powered units operating in various locations throughout the city


A revitalized city with a hopeful future

60% crime reduction in the first three months

City can now refocus on its economic and cultural renaissance

Read full case study here

Instant Cost Savings

1 Mile Situational Video Coverage


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Traditional Video
Surveillance Solution




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